Empower U(niversity)

I help overworked, burnt out fitness professionals build profitable online businesses so they can stop trading time for money, turn their passion into profit, and make a bigger impact!


Imagine if...

  • you could make $10k+ months just by doing what you love and what you're already doing
  • you were able to monetize your social media game (which is already a part of your job & you may currently hate) without having to do #sponsored #ads
  • you were able to attract high paying, ideal clients with ease (and without stressing over "followers" bc those numbers DO NOT matter)
  • you were no longer a slave to your schedule (aka your client's schedules)

Welcome to Empower U(niversity)

Your roadmap to freedom!

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You're always posting on social media, but no one is engaging
  • You undersell yourself and don't know how to ask for what you actually deserve
  • You're sick of living the split shift, up before the sun, home after the sun, slave to your client's schedule life
  • You know what you want to do/build, but you need to roadmap (and guidance) to get there
  • You want to make a bigger impact, reach more people, and expand your reach (maybe start a podcast, speak on stages, write for magazines, etc)
  • You dream of days where you can work half as much and make 3, 4, 5x as much
  • You are FULLY committed to showing up and doing the necessary work (no such thing as an overnight success, sorry boo!)

If this sounds like YOU... Empower U(niversity) is the perfect solution! It was literally created for YOU!

So, what will you be diving into?

Gain Clarity

Clarify what makes you unique, identify your personal brand, eliminate the limiting beliefs that are causing you to self sabotage, and know exactly what and where to put your energy. Figure out what your "secret sauce" is and how you can help serve others with all that you already know and have.

Niching Down

Work through the steps & market research required to find the most aligned, needed, and profitable niche so that you can position yourself as an expert and stop wasting time guessing. There are riches in niches and we will help you find exactly where you should be focusing. 

Master Social Media

Learn and implement the proper ways/tools that you can use social media to organically attract your potential client, grow an engaged and profitable audience, and create content that effortlessly converts.

Program Building

Craft irresistible offers that speak directly to your ideal client and their needs. You'll learn how to create a program that will yield incredible results and allow you to charge more. We'll go over everything from structure and foundation to pricing and sales. 

Money Mindset

Running a success business isn't just about trying to run a successful business and hoping it happens. it's about truly believing that you are and that you can. Mindset plays a huge roll, epically when it comes to money & sales. So, we'll be tapping in to rewire your brain and thoughts around your goals, your why, and how to reverse engineer them all.

Lead Generation

Create and cultivate a community who knows, likes, and trusts you. Shift your messaging from scattered to clear, compelling, and influential. Generate leads fast and for free through simple social media hacks, email list building, and the power of networking.

Sales Ninja

If you don't whole heartedly believe in your service/product and talk about it without confidence, you won't be able to sell it; which means, you won't have a success business. We'll hash out a sales process/script that feels authentic, not pushy, salesy, or akward. Deep dive into the psychology behind sales and why people buy so you can sell with ease. 

Structure like a CEO

You'll go over everything you need to run a successful business and how to manage all of it's moving parts; including your schedule, daily routines, organization, legal, websites, necessary templates, and so on. We'll show what the real behind the scenes looks like and set you up to lay a strong foundation before building your skyscraper. 

What our students are saying...

It's not a quick fix, it's a roadmap towards a lifetime of impact & income!


Hey, I'm Jess and I built EmpowerU for YOU!

    Why? Because I was there too; the running around before the sun is up, hustling from one session to another, making playlists & writing programs in between clients, secretly not mad when you have a "no show" because it means you may get five minutes to eat, sit, scroll, or just do nothing! I know you; I was you, I am you!

I have been working as a personal trainer/group instructor since 2002. For 8 of those years I was also working full time as an elementary physical education/health teacher. Don't get me wrong, I love our industry, but I was constantly drained, slacking on my own health, and feeling a bit unfulfilled. That was until 2012 when I started implementing online training into my arsenal.

I've spend the last handful of years learning, growing, and expanding my knowledge, tools, and strategies around creating/building profitable & sustainable online "fit biz".

It's now my passion and mission to use my role as a teacher, time as a trainer, and success as an online entrepreneur to help YOU do the same! 

If you're ready to UP LEVEL your life and biz in the next 90 days...

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