Empower U(niversity)

Empower U(niversity)

90 day group coaching program helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and side hustlers build personal brands, monetize their social media, and turn purpose into profit (from the couch #win)

AKA if you're a coach wanting to create a 6-figure biz online, keep reading!

How much longer are you going to sit back and watch everyone around you build their legacy while you're a slave to your schedule, working for someone else?

Was the rug just pulled from under you? Did you just experience your regular paycheck, routine, and/or job disappear overnight because of COVID-19?

It's time to take control of your future & finances; diversify your revenue & amplify your skills!

It’s really NOT a question of  “Can I?”, but rather… “When will I?”


Before you go any further, let me just start by saying…

I get it, I was you, I am you. I’ve made the leap and so can YOU!

I went from full time elementary school teacher, part/full time personal trainer (with a side hustle in the online coaching space) to leaping full speed ahead and building a million dollar online coaching business in under 18.5 months!

From free Facebook challenges, network marketing, and low ticket courses, to monthly subscriptions and blogging...I’ve dabbled in it all!

In April 2017 I left my 9-5 to pursue this “online thing” so that I could make a bigger impact. I’ve been investing in coaches since 2014 and in the last year alone, I’ve invested over $150k in my own leveling up so that I can show up for YOU at the highest level.

What past grads are saying...


Imagine if you were able to...

Imagine if you were able to...
  • Create $10k+ months just by doing what you love and what you’re already doing for free
  • Monetize your social media without having to do #sponsored #ads
  • Attract high paying, ideal clients with ease (and without stressing over “followers” because those numbers DO NOT matter)
  • No longer be a slave to your clients schedule, bosses demands, or big companies expectations
  • Release the fear around selling during this current climate
  • Never rely on someone else to afford the life you dream of
Imagine if you were able to...

Welcome to Empower U(niversity)

Your roadmap to financial, time, and location FREEDOM! Are you ready?!

Community Support

Community Support
  • Instant access to your EmpowerU family
  • Answers to all of your questions within hours of posting
  • Daily accountability
  • Personalized homework, assignments, & check-ins
  • Endless networking, collaborating, and brainstorming
  • Multiple live coaching & “hot seat” opportunities per week
  • Guest coaching lead by industry experts

This course is perfect for you if YOU...

This course is perfect for you if YOU...
  • Are always posting on social media, but no one is engaging
  • Undercharge and struggle to ask for prices that you deserve
  • You're sick of living (and working to build) someone else’s dream
  • Know what you want to do/build, but you need a roadmap (guidance) to get there
  • Want to make a bigger impact, reach more people, and expand your reach (Podcast? Speak on stages? Write for magazines? #limitlesspossibilities)
  • Dream of days where you can work half as much and yet create 3, 4, 5x as much wealth
  • You are FULLY committed to showing up and doing the necessary work (no such thing as an overnight success, sorry boo!)
This course is perfect for you if YOU...

If this sounds like you, I’d like to invite you into this next class of EmpowerU.

It’s more than a course, program, or class. It’s a family of support and roadmap to freedom! Still have questions? Send me a DM on the gram and let’s chat!

Easy to digest curriculum for all learners

Easy to digest curriculum for all learners

Easy to digest curriculum for all learners
  • EmpowerU course workbook (aka “the bible”) is jam packed with a course syllabus, timelines, progress trackers, and easy to follow step by step guides
  • Lifetime access to dozens of video modules trainings
  • Downloadable PDF files for each video training
  • Endless resources sending you to Jess’s favorite books, podcasts, events, tools, and more
  • Additional trainings focused to amp up your mindset, productivity, and leadership

What you'll be learning


Clarify what makes you unique, identify your personal brand, eliminate the limiting beliefs that are causing you to self sabotage, and know exactly what and where to put your energy. Figure out what your "secret sauce" is and how you can help serve others with all that you already know and have.


Work through the steps & market research required to find the most aligned, needed, and profitable niche so that you can position yourself as an expert and stop wasting time guessing. There are riches in niches and we will help you find exactly where you should be focusing.


"Post and pray" is not a great business model, so we'll be helping you create a personalized social media strategy! Learn and implement the proper ways/tools that you can use social media to organically attract your potential client, grow an engaged and profitable audience, and create content that effortlessly converts.


Craft irresistible offers that speak directly to your ideal client and their needs. You'll learn how to create a program that will yield incredible results and allow you to charge more. We'll go over everything from structure and foundation to pricing and sales.


Running a success business isn't just about trying to run a successful business and hoping it happens. it's about truly believing that you are and that you can. Mindset plays a huge roll, epically when it comes to money & sales. So, we'll be tapping in to rewire your brain and thoughts around your goals, your why, and how to reverse engineer them all.


Create and cultivate a community who knows, likes, and trusts you. Shift your messaging from scattered to clear, compelling, and influential. Generate leads fast and for free through simple social media hacks, email list building, and the power of networking.


If you don't whole heartedly believe in your service/product and talk about it without confidence, you won't be able to sell it; which means, you won't have a success business. We'll hash out a sales process/script that feels authentic, not pushy, salesy, or awkward. Deep dive into the psychology behind sales and why people buy so you can sell with ease.


You'll go over everything you need to run a successful business and how to manage all of it's moving parts; including your schedule, daily routines, organization, legal, websites, necessary templates, and so on. We'll show what the real behind the scenes looks like and set you up to lay a strong foundation before building your skyscraper.

The next class of EmpowerU starts in…









Still not sure?

See what results past graduates have achieved...

It’s NOT a quick fix. It’s the FOUNDATION for a life on your own terms!


Hey, I’m Jess and I build Empower U(niversity) for YOU!

Hey, I’m Jess and I build Empower U(niversity) for YOU!

Why? Because I was there too. Working as an elementary school teacher, running around before the sun was up to squeeze in personal training clients, hustling after school to fit in my own workouts and see more clients (just to make ends meet). Secretly wishing I would have cancellations, so i could get my time back. Don’t judge me...if you know, you know!

I have been working as a personal training and group fitness instructor since 2002. For 8 years I worked as a teacher and while I was obsessed with teaching and working with kids, I was unfulfilled. I spent my nights, weekends, and summers trying to fill the void; competing in bodybuilding, building a network marketing business (for 4 years), blogging, starting my own charity based company, becoming a master at facilitating/hosting events and retreats, selling services online, even starting an accessories company (story for another time).

I’ve spent the last decade learning, growing, and expanding my knowledge, tools, and strategies around how to create and grow a profitable & sustainable online businesses. In just 2 years I was able to take my "cute side hustle" to a million dollar online business!

It is my passion and mission to use my role and experience as a teacher, time as a trainer, and success as an online entrepreneur to help YOU do the same!


The next class of EmpowerU starts in…









Meet your coaches!

Jess Glazer - Head Coach @jess.glazer

A former celebrity personal trainer and elementary school teacher, Jess turned her online “side hustle” into a million dollar business in less than two years. Since leaving her job in 2017, Jess has hired a team of incredible heart-centered humans, served hundreds of clients, and raise/donated more than $50,000 to charity. She’s been featured in Forbes, Shape, The New York Post, The Today Show, Good Day New York, and Well + Good.

Nick Pags - Mindset Coach @nickpagsfit

Nick has the ability to coach individuals in finding what self-limiting beliefs and behaviors are running them, and then guides them through the journey of reshaping these thoughts. He helps guide coaches to design, obtain, and sustain the results they want in business, life, and relationships. Nick helps with reframing your mindset so that you can create your own reality. Simply put, his energy is infectious!

Andrea Sager - Attorney & Legal Coach @andreasagerlaw

Andrea Sager is a small business attorney shaking up the legal industry with her legal membership that provides all-access to her firm for small businesses. After less than a year at a large law firm working with large businesses, Andrea realized her true passion was helping small businesses embrace and protect their business and intellectual property. With almost 2 years on her own firm, Andrea has become the go-to attorney for entrepreneurs, protecting everything from their brand names to their courses and blog posts.

Shannon Weinstein - Accountant & Financial Coach @shannonkweinstein

Shannon is a CPA who has been practicing over 10 years; as well as, a fitness instructor based in Connecticut. Her company, Financial Solutions, was founded to provide resources and knowledge of financial health to fitness professionals and entrepreneurs so they can grow their impact. Shannon is a graduate of Empower U[niversity] and has used the tools provided by this program to multiply her filling and income.

Jim Carter - Tech Coach @causehacker

As a passionate Technology Coach, Jim uses his 20+ years of knowledge, expertise, and experiences to advise Social Impact organizations, brands, and experts. He's an Eagle Scout, entrepreneur, husband and father of two, public speaker & trainer in the industry. Jim resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoys a fine cup of coffee, the occasional glass of whiskey and rocks a mustache with pride.

We spend money everyday on things like...

We spend money everyday on things like...

We spend money everyday on things like...

Coffee, phone apps we forget we even bought, sneakers we don't need (well, that's aggressive #sneakersarelife), $15 dollar salads...Umm how about those college degrees we aren't using...


This is an investment in yourself, in your future, in your legacy.

Being "worth it" isn't even a valid argument.

It just is! Like the sky being blue, some things just are.

Don't let this be another "dang, I should've" moment!

Want to see more results?


How long is the course?

EmpowerU is a 12-week guided coaching program.

What are the exact dates?

This class will run from March 1- May 23, 2021

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Sure thing!

We can chat more about the payment options once we decide that you're a good fit for us, and us for you.

What if I can't make the call times?

All calls are recorded and saved for you to watch at anytime!

What is included in this program?

  • 2 live coaching calls per week (at minimum)
  • Lifetime access to all coursework & materials (including any future updates)
  • Private Facebook community with support from 4 incredible coaches
  • Guest coaching calls from industry experts
  • Special bonuses & discounts on future live events

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