It’s like if chocolate & peanut butter had a baby. Yup, the perfect blend of group/1:1 coaching & masterminding to help you scale your biz, connect with like-minded women, and create abundance with ease!!


Let's Take a Deeper Look...

Let's Take a Deeper Look...

According to the gram, you’re “killing it”, but in reality you're:

  • Feeling like burn out is around the corner (TBH,  it’s not the first time).
  • Doing all the things, wearing all the hats, and you can’t imagine what doubling your income will take. (Like, how is it even possible to do one more thing?)
  • Making good money, but you’re married to your biz. (where’s the freedom that you thought you’d get by not working for someone else?)
  • Working an absurd amount of hours per day & days per week. You just can’t seem to “get ahead”. (The feeling of “being behind” is forcing you to say "no" to social events, fun/play, and it's even costing you your relationships)

“Alone we go fast, together we go far!”

Wouldn't It Be Nice to:

Wouldn't It Be Nice to:
  • Actually take weekends off.
  • Not feel pressured to post, show up, and create content 24/7.
  • Finally delegate your tasks, hire help (even the smallest amount), and stop feeling so alone.
  • Actually stop working, set boundaries, and “clock out” so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Take a non-working vacation where you can totally unplug and fully recharge.
Wouldn't It Be Nice to:

What They're Saying...


I wish I had this hybrid “coaching mastermind” when I was growing passed those $10k months!


For years I’ve seen/bought courses, programs, coaches, and masterminds focusing on:

- Starting your biz and growing into $5k months
- Scaling your biz into & beyond the 7-figure mark


But, I haven’t seen people offering support, guidance, and community for those entrepreneurs in the middle range. The ones who are hustling, doing “well”, but working like a dog. 

In my opinion, that middle level is where we need the most support. It’s where businesses either

HOW do you grow?
WHERE do you go next? 
WHAT questions should you be asking? 
WHO do you hire? 
WHEN is the right time to scale?

I believe you shouldn’t make those decisions alone! 

6 reasons why "Grind to Aligned" is a no brainer...

Don’t believe us? Check out what’s included:

You and I will sit down for 4 one on one sessions (every 6 weeks) and chat about your personal roadblocks, challenges, wants, needs and wins. Together you'll create a specific and detail oriented plan of action so that you're ready to tackle all the tasks on your lists. This is where we'll really get to deep dive into what is working and what isn't; as well as what works for YOU - just like fitness, everybody and every business is different.

Group coaching is equally as important as 1:1. Honestly, it’s often more impactful! Why? The group calls allows for everyone to brainstorm together, learn from one another, and hear first hand what others in both similar/different industries are doing. These weekly group calls (yup, 24 calls) will help you push, encourage, support, and motivate one another on a whole different level.

Once again, community is everything. After all, it takes a village to raise a child right? Well, it takes a village to birth & nurture a biz baby too! Our private, elite Facebook group will allow for quick communication, collaboration, and daily check-ins. This intimate group will provide a space for us all to connect on a deeper level. Consider this group extra eyes, accountability, and instant access to me!

Simply put, I don’t know everything and I would never pretend that I do. Plus, sometimes we learn better from other people, things resonated differently, stories hit us in a variety of ways… So, I’m bringing you industry experts in a variety of fields that are outside my “ZOG” - Zone of Genius. These coaches will help cover topics that are crucial to ensuring a strong foundation and ability to scale your business with ease, like: lawyers, accountants, sales ninjas, website designers, and more!

You’ll get full lifetime access to the G2A Vault which is packed with in-depth virtual trainings, workshops, recorded calls, templates, and dozens of PDF resources. Imagine having everything at your fingertips right when you want to dive in. Think about topics like: understanding your customer journey, creating a pitch deck, starting a podcast, refining your launches, and more!

Getting out of your normal routine is truly my favorite way to find new perspective, to zoom out, to reflect, and to inject new life into your business. These TWO retreats; while similar in style, will actually offer two completely different experiences and are set with different intentions.

  • DOMESTIC: Connect with one another, go deep on understanding your “why”, assess your current business structure, gain clarity around your 2020 plans
  • INTERNATIONAL: Reflect on all of your accomplishments, celebrate your growth, allow space for play. GET YOUR PASSPORT READY!!!

*cost of mastermind includes both retreat expenses; flights excluded

Did you happen to add that up? I did!!!

That's $30,000 IN VALUE...for an investment that's HALF THE PRICE!

3-Step Cycle Towards Growth & Alignment

Should You Apply?

Should You Apply?

The answer is YES if you are:

  • A heart centered, service based entrepreneur who puts impact over income every time.
  • Ready to find your tribe of like-minded women to make 2020 your biggest year yet!
  • Sick and tired of trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Looking for a coach who genuinely cares about you, your health, and your biz; a coach who will make sure you feel seen and heard.
  • A coach, clinician, trainer, healer, stylist, influencer, blogger, or other service provider who has a massive mission.
  • A woman who already has a business and is making $5k-$10k/month.
  • Looking to scale the biz into $20k months & beyond.
  • A leader that has already proven their concept and biz building abilities, but is missing the backend, nitty gritty, foundational biz structure to truly feel at ease.
  • Self-motivated, driven, resourceful, hard-working go getter that isn’t afraid to ask for help.
  • Patient soul who understands the importance of “playing the long game” and is ready to invest in her own personal growth journey so she can fully connect and embody what makes her feel aligned & energized.

Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

Hey love! I’m Jess, and I created this program for YOU because together we can go so much further! Grind to Aligned is the exact hybrid mastermind that I was craving when I was exactly where you are:

  • feeling like you’re biz is exploding but your social life is sizzling away
  • wanting to connect with people who just “get you” and let’s face it, who you can talk about sales pages, lead generation, launches, and canva
  • hitting those $20k months & those $50k launches, but having no one to celebrate with
  • constantly “pushing” and want to step back into a bit more “pulling” & flow with less energy expended


Meet Your Coach



I’m pretty open about how I do not believe in “balance”, but what I do believe is that there is a “dance”. Hustling & grinding is not the only way. Similarly, neither is just manifesting & dreaming. 

Running a business is a blend of “doing” with masculine energy and “being” with your feminine energy. A mix of strategy and heart. Passion and Purpose. Impact first and income second. 

That said, if you’re ready to step into your highest self, level up your personal and business development, and find that sisterhood of incredible CEO’s, Grind to Aligned is exactly that!

What's the Investment

Investment: $16K

$5,000 (first payment now)

$2,200 per month (5 monthly installments after)


*investment includes BOTH retreats (excluding flights)

TBH, this is not for everyone.
It’s an investment; it’s going to take work & will most definitely yield results!

"Grind to Aligned" is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a quick fix & overnight success.
  • You aren’t willing to start delegating and ask for help.
  • You're competitive & refuse to work with others.
  • You struggle celebrating other peoples’ wins.

Okay, enough talking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact dates?

Feb 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020

When are the two trips?

3rd week in March

2nd week in July

*However, these dates are flexible and will be finalized once all spots are filled (details to come)

What’s included with the retreats?

Rooms, some meals, all group activities, photos, coaching, gift bags

(full details as we get closer)

When are the calls?

We determine the call schedule and times as a group. As the girls enroll, we collect data around everyone’s availabilty and cross reference to find the best time. For this particular hyrbid coaching mastermind, expect calls to be in the afternoon, AKA not around 9-5 hours. That said, all calls are recorded and dropped into the FB group/content library within 24 hours.

1:1 calls will be scheduled through Jess’s Calendly account

What if I have a private question for Jess?

No worries, you can email me directly, DM me, or FB message me :0)

What if I’m not quite at the $10k/month mark?

If you have a business, if you have proof of concept, if you’ve enrolled a few people or tested out some launches and had some success...still apply! This hybrid course is NOT for beginners and we’re doing our best to ensure there are no “newbies” so that we can offer higher level coaching, support, guests, and collaboration

How many people are in?

We are closing the group at 10 women.

What is the investment?

The total investment (including the trips - not flights) is $16,000.

The payment plan for everyone will be $5k initial and $2,200 every month for 5 months after the initial. There are no other payment plans or deposit options.


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