A High Level Mastermind Experience for the Entrepreneur Ready to Expand Their Network and Grow Their Net Worth


Have you ever heard the saying,

“You can’t read a prescription bottle from the inside”?

Well, many of us are approaching our businesses from the inside and, to be honest, things aren’t always clear from that perspective. This is why immersing yourself in a room of high level entrepreneurs is the critical component to your accelerated growth. 

This strategically curated group will...

  • Help you look at your business through a different lens; from the outside
  • Expand what’s possible and encourage you to not only think bigger, but actually PLAY bigger
  • Lean on when things get hard (let’s face it, it’s not a matter of if; but rather when)
  • Act as a sounding board to bounce your “crazy stupid ideas”  and massive goals off of
  • Celebrate your wins because in all honesty…we entrepreneurs can’t celebrate that stuff with just anyone

In person masterminds are the best way to create powerful networks and collapse time so that you can actually move the needle in your business.


The DBE Mastermind is a hand selected group of entrepreneurs who commit to one year of growth, connection, and support to elevate their lives and businesses while having more fun away from their laptop screens. It’s a safe space to be stretched, challenged, and celebrated!


What to Expect in this Mastermind:


Kick off 2023 with a personalized 2 on 1 strategy session with Jess & Mike to ensure there is a clear direction for your needs and goals.


THREE in-person events (first one in Scottsdale this Feb) with the most incredible guest experts, nourishing food, group activities, and deep connection to help skyrocket both your personal and professional goals/growth.


Bi-weekly (2 per month: one with Jess/Team DBE & one with an external industry expert) group zoom calls for direct feedback, hot seat coaching, individualized support, accountability, and to plug the holes you may be finding in your own business.


Integrator/CFO office hours where you can jump on and speak directly to our team to ensure you’re managing projects, timelines, finances, team, and communication optimally.


Access to our Mastermind portal with hundreds of hours of lessons, workbook pages, recordings from past guest experts, and more!


Full access to our signature program E+mpower; as well as its resources and famous workbook!

Check out what our mastermind clients have said:


Hey, I'm Jess Glazer DeRose


I started my online business in 2012 as a “cute side hustle”, and for the first few years…that’s exactly what it was. 

In 2017 I quit my 9-5 job, joined my first mastermind, and scaled my “cute side hustle” to over $1 million in revenue in just 18 months. Since then I’ve gone on to make multiple millions from courses and coaching. I’ve had $100k days, $250k weeks, $300k launches and have averaged over $50k/month since 2019. 

Over the last few years I’ve invested over $300,000 to be in the highest level masterminds so that I could learn from the best in the biz. In 2020, my husband Mike left his corporate job to help me scale this company as a family business!

This level of entrepreneur understands how to maximize coaching, they lead themself, and they show up and ask for what they need.

This is NOT for the person who needs hand holding or coddling.

There is no income or revenue minimum to join; however, you must have a business, offers, experience launching, and paying clients.


is for the Entrepreneur who:

  • Already has a business, experience launching, clients, and revenue
  • Is looking to grow their audience, reach, product suite, and impact
  • Knows they need to start delegating, outsourcing, and hiring but isn’t sure where to find their unicorn ninja team members
  • Wants to scale their monthly revenue from $10k-$30k/month beyond $50k-$100k/month
  • Is looking to grow & refine their leadership skills
  • Understands the importance of “doing the work” and finding alignment in who they get to become while doing less and doing better
  • Wants to gain a better understanding and grasp on their financials


is NOT for the entrepreneur who:

  • Is looking to get started in their business
  • Doesn’t have any programs, offerings, or sales
  • Isn’t willing to do the deep internal work
  • Wants to work alone, refuses to give up control, and doesn’t like collaborating
  • Is interested in E-commerce, creating physical products, and/or scaling a brick and mortar business
  • Needs one on one hands on support

If you’re anything like us, you’re likely craving…

  • Guidance from people who have already “been there” and who want to see you succeed
  • In person events because, we can all agree Zoom is great, but there’s nothing like IRL
  • Collaborations to keep business fun while expanding your audience and reach
  • Accountability & support because when you don’t “have a boss”; well, we all know what happens 

Look, you may be super comfortable in your business right now. But, I want you to think back to a time you stretched yourself enough that it ultimately got you HERE.

The only reason my business is where it is today (with an incredible team, insane client results, a functioning school in Ghana) is because I’ve taken repeated, scary and uncomfortable risks by continuously investing money to “get in the room”.

Team Digital Business Evolution and I could not be more excited to invite you into our most elevated experience yet!  Remember, leaders are willing to go first.


Your business is a reflection of you and it will only grow to the extent that you grow. It will also only grow to the level of challenges you’re willing and able to manage. 

We've found that, while revenue may be very alluring, it has no bearing on how much value an individual can add to the room or that their business is sustainable and profitable. Because of this, we are NOT requiring a specific revenue minimum to be accepted into this mastermind. 


That said, we DO take our admission process very seriously.

The qualities of leader we are looking for come directly from some of our company core values:

1. Integrity Always

We look to connect with others who honor their word, lead with compassion, and operate with ethics as their North Star.  

2. Cultivating Community

Seeking entrepreneurs who understand the power of community over competition; not just those who say it, but who live and breathe it through every action.

3. Growth Minded

We are always looking to push the limit on what is possible in business and in life. With demands like that, we are seeking high performers who are coachable and resourceful. 

4. Play in the Dirt

We believe that every leader needs to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done #messyaction. But, they must also understand the importance of taking time away from the business to play and fill up their cup, so they can pour back into others.


This is for you if...

  • x
  • x
  • x

Some of our clients most recent wins:

The most successful entrepreneurs take a proactive approach and make decisions based on where they desire to be, not where they currently are. 

We absolutely believe you can benefit and contribute to this high level experience.

Now that you know the caliber of entrepreneur that we attract, only you can call your shot and decide if this opportunity is something you want to take advantage of. So, what would your future self do?


Your questions answered: