A go at your own pace portal to elevate your marketing, products, systems, automations, & impact so you can take your digital business to the next level with ease. 


So you just finished a 90 day coaching program & already have a digital product with some clients…


 But, you’re not ready to be out on your own quite yet. There’s still tons to learn, questions pop up faster than you can find answers, you need support in implementing everything you know you “should” be doing in your business, and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed wearing all the hats (but aren’t fully sure how to best fix that)


After 3 years of running an elevated “next level” course/mastermind for entrepreneurs to continue growing & scaling their digital business…I have decided to eliminate the most common barriers to entry (feeling overwhelmed with tons to do, no time to be joining another course/program, and of course; fear of investing while the business is still just ramping up)

E+levate yourself is the perfect solution!

E+LEVATE is for the Entrepreneur who:

✅ Already has a business, experience launching, clients, and revenue

✅ Is looking to grow their audience, reach, product suite, and impact

✅ Knows they need to start delegating, outsourcing, and hiring but isn’t sure where to find their unicorn ninja team members

✅ Wants to scale their monthly revenue from $10k-$30k/month beyond $50k-$100k/month

✅ Is looking to grow & refine their leadership skills

Understands the importance of “doing the work” and finding alignment in who they get to become while doing less and doing better

✅ Wants to gain a better understanding and grasp on their financials

E+LEVATE is NOT for the Entrepreneur who:

❌ Is looking to get started in their business

❌ Doesn’t have any programs, offerings, or sales

❌ Isn’t willing to do the deep internal work

❌ Wants to work alone, refuses to give up control, and doesn’t like collaborating

❌ Is interested in E-commerce, creating physical products, and/or scaling a brick and mortar business

❌ Needs one on one hands on support

Hi, I'm Jess Glazer, your new biz coach!


Why me? Why E+levate yourself? Well, not too long ago I was in a very similar place where you are. I was working full-time as an elementary school teacher & running around before/after school working as a personal trainer
just to make ends meet.


Completely unfilled & unhappy, I made the difficult decision in 2017 to leave my 8 year career as a teacher and focus on building my “cute side hustle”. As soon as I went “all in”, I took it from a few hundred dollars per month to a multiple 6 figure business and in under 3 years scaled to multiple 7-figures. Incredible, yes AND I didn’t do it alone.


Over the years (with the help of courses, programs, & mentors), I have mastered my energy, experienced handfuls of business models, dove deep into leadership, practiced a variety of launching/marketing, and optimized not just my business through automations, but with building a team.

Inside of E+LEVATE you'll receive support on:


Understand your type of leadership style, nail down your company purpose/mission/core values, create flows that work best for your clients learning style


Learn how to host challenges, run webinars, integrate affiliate marketing, expand your list size, decide if Facebook Ads is for you


Revisit your biz from a new lens with a complete biz/offers audit, restructure and patch and holes, plug leaks, master project management, create systems/automations to maximize your time & energy


Breathe life into your brand, create awareness, generate more leads, gain exposure to share your message, start hosting events/retreats

Lifetime access to trainings & resources that can help you 3x, 5x, and 10x you’re current business.

E+levate was previously run as a live course/mastermind and required over a $15k investment. Knowing how crucial this information is to helping avoid burnout, we wanted to make it accessible to everyone!

Introducing E+levate Yourself:

A one stop shop for all things growing & scaling your digital business


$3,500 or 3x $1,167

  • Learn & integrate at your own pace
  • Unlock the portal of “next level biz” without the pressure of calls, homework, and/or limited time 
  • Lifetime access to 11+ modules (with over 50 informative videos)
  • Access to our ever growing E+levate resource guide
  • Receive our Rolodex of trusted contacts (outsourcing made easy)
  • NO FB group
I'm ready to E+levate my biz!