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Are you so over watching everyone around you build their legacy while you’re running around trying to adapt to their schedule and meet their needs instead of your own? 

Are you feeling this close to burnout as you shuffle to fill the gap in revenue between what you’re making and what you MUST bring in to meet the needs (and an occasional desire) of you and your family?

It's time to take control of your future & finances, diversify your revenue, and leverage your skills!

Just imagine what your life will be like when...

  • You’ve got a solid online business bringing in repeatable revenue month in and month out serving clients you LOVE.
  • You decide! No more caving to your boss’ demands, corporate’s expectations, or your clients’ schedules. 
  • You make $10k months doing what you’re already great at (no additional certification required!) 
  • You attract high-paying, ideal clients with ease without stressing over your “follower” count or #sponsored #ads… social media is fun again! 

So you know what you want, and you know that having a successful online business will help you get it . . . but there’s just one problem:

Starting and growing an online business is HARD. 

Being awesome at what you do is not enough. You’ve got to stand out among a sea of people who are doing the exact same thing. And even if you manage to grab the attention of your ideal client, that’s when the real work begins. You’re swimming in tools and strategies to turn your audience from mere connections into paying clients and customers (like an email list, an irresistible offer, a sales system, a payment platform, client agreements, and on and on) with a seemingly endless list of things you NEED but don’t yet have. 

There’s so much to know. 

And tell me, do any of these comments sound like you? 

“I’ve downloaded all the free resources I can find, but they all say something different. I’m not sure what actually works.” 

“I spend Every. Spare. Second. of my day listening to podcasts sharing the latest, greatest marketing strategies, but I honestly feel more confused than ever.” 

And, it might even be possible that in moments you’re not so proud of, you’re scrolling IG and thinking “What makes them so special? I should be that successful, too!” 

So you choose a seemingly successful business owner and try to mimic his actions. They make a reel, you make a reel. 

But it doesn’t work for you. 

And you end up feeling exhausted, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by all the energy and effort you’re investing with NO RESULTS to show for it. 

But what you need to know is that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.  Because the ONLY thing that’s stopping you from the level of INCOME and IMPACT you know you deserve is that you don’t have a PROVEN SYSTEM. 

You’re trying to follow the piecemeal strategies of the people you see online who’ve “made it,” but what you don’t see is the full cohesive plan they mapped out and followed in order to get to that level of success. 

It’s like trying to drive to a brand-new destination you’ve never visited before by using a broken GPS that glitches in and out.  You’ll get SOME of the info you need, but you can’t hear the FULL list of directions you need to follow. And without a complete set of directions you’re constantly “re-routing,” and truth is, you may not get to that dream destination you had in mind.

What happens if you keep trying to grow your business with a piecemeal plan or no plan at all? 

Exactly what you’ve experienced up to this point. Exhaustion. Frustration. Building someone else’s dream and letting yours fade. And the IMPACT you’re meant to make goes unfulfilled. 


If any of this is resonating with you . . .

Please don't beat yourself up!

You have NOT had a proven system to get your business built the RIGHT way----UNTIL NOW!

It’s time for you to throw out that glitchy GPS and follow a Business Freedom Roadmap that’s been tried and tested to get the results you desire!


Use your lived experience & expertise to build & launch a course or group coaching program in 90 days or less!

E+mpower is a 90-day virtual group coaching program that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, solopreneurs, and side hustlers like you build your personal brand, monetize your social media, and lay the foundation you need to grow a six-figure online business! 


Creating an online coaching program is the Number One way to create time, financial, career, and location freedom . . . without burning out trading your time for money! 


And that’s exactly what you’re going to do inside E+mpower.

Check out the phenomenal results are clients our getting:

Alex made $25k with fewer than 2000 Instagram followers when she enrolled in  E+mpower!

Alex Najarian, Fitness Coach


Brandi had an almost-six-figure launch DURING E+mpower and has since created $500k in her business! 

Brandi Jackson, Business Coach


Stephania calls E+mpower a “no-brainer” investment  . . . 

Stephania Ochs, Online Entrepreneur


Successful entrepreneurs stop and ask for directions, while struggling entrepreneurs never get to their destination.


Hey, I'm Jess. And I created E+mpower for you. 

Why? Because, not too long ago, I was in a very similar place to where you are. I was working as an elementary school teacher, running around before the sun came up and again after school to squeeze in personal training clients
just to make ends meet. 

Maybe you can relate to the fact that while I appreciated my teaching job, I felt unfulfilled. So I was trying all the things . . . I competed in bodybuilding, grew a network marketing biz, started blogging, hosted retreats, and even started an accessories company. I wanted to turn my ideas into additional income and make an impact on people along the way.

Thankfully, my experience as a teacher (which goes all the way back to childhood when I obsessively learned the most popular Janet Jackson dances and schooled my friends on every step) helped me map a repeatable business-growth system that works for any business owner serving any niche online. This is the exact system I used to turn my “cute side hustle” into a million-dollar online business in just two short years! 

We’ve now grown to multiple-seven figures, I’ve retired my husband, and we traveled the country in an RV for 14 months! We use some of our profits to build and operate a school for underprivileged students in Ghana. And I’ve served hundreds of clients like you in E+mpower who’ve now turned their own ideas into INCOME and IMPACT!


Every successful online business is built with these 5 E+lements, and inside E+mpower, you get the FULL support of me and my team as you: 

1. EXTRACT what you already know and are an expert at. You have what it takes to build a successful online business without another certification or training. We’ll help you find what your special sauce is!

2. IDENTIFY who you help and how you solve their problem. Because when you can solve a problem, you can build a profitable business.

3. SHARE your message effectively via organic marketing so you can build an audience of ideal clients without losing your shirt on paid advertising.

4. CREATE relationships with your audience and build a genuine “know like trust” factor with each one of your followers.

5. GENERATE leads, income and impact with your online business!


Inside E+mpower, you get 14 powerful Modules to take you from IDEA to INCOME to IMPACT . . . all in 90 days or less! 


We’re giving you EXACTLY what you need (without an ounce of busy-work or fluff) to turn your purpose to profit. Read on to see the PATH to your success...


PREPARE:  Prepare you for launching your successful group coaching program.

ATTRACT: Help you identify and attract your right-fit clients.

TRANSFORM: You’ll start transforming your own clients’ lives by launching your irresistible offer (that’s right, you’re launching WITH our support!)

HONOR: You'll feel equipped you to honor your purpose as you serve your dream clients and make a major positive impact in the marketplace.


Let’s take a closer look...

In Prepare for Success, you’ll become the Confident CEO of your business by mastering your schedule, your energy, and your habits. Get set for profits with direct coaching from our resident CPA and Money Coach, Shannon Weinstein. Unpack your personal story and master your mindset to gain clarity for your vision. You’ll even set a date (during E+mpower!) to LAUNCH!  

In Attract Ideal Clients you’ll start standing out online.Then get super specific on who you are meant to serve and choose your most profitable Niche. You’ll master social media from captions to stories and everything in between. 

In Transform Client Lives, you’ll implement your email marketing strategy with ease. Create your irresistible offer and move your audience from connection to conversion. Design your Program Application to make your offer a no-brainer for ideal clients - one they’ll rush to buy! Also learn our fast and free lead generation methods without using paid ads.

Honor Your Purpose help you live up to your purpose with sessions on the sometimes-taboo topics of Money and Sales. You need INCOME to fulfill your dreams and We LOVE talking about money. You’ll also focus on specific ways to best SERVE your clients so they experience the full impact of your gifts. 

Fourteen modules that create a perfect PATH for you to achieve more IMPACT and INCOME.


Set Your Business Up For Success! 

Managing Time and Energy

Map Your Financial $uccess Plan

Your Riches are in the Niches

Launch Mindset & Strategy

Clarity Yields CASH!

Master Social Media

Email Marketing with Ease

Create Your Irresistable Offer

Your Fast & Free Lead Gen Strategy

Building Rapport and Safe Coaching

Money, Money, Money!

Become the Ultimate Sales Ninja!

Serve Clients Seamlessly

And because we want to eliminate all the “tech-aches” that can come with setting up the back end of your business, you’re ALSO getting access to our exclusive Tech Vault!  

You get a whole suite of trainings on everything from how to secure your domains, to setting up your landing pages, to building out your program inside an online portal. Our Tech Coach will support you in getting the entire back-end of your business buttoned up . . . so you can focus on transforming your clients’ lives! 


“I had a five-figure launch in my first launch!”  

Sandra Henein, Gut and Hormone Health Coach 


"This course will change your life."

Sarah Randall, Certified Health Coach


“I made my investment back and more . . . a 10 out of 10!”

Christina D’Amico, Clinical Nutritionist 


Get the complete roadmap for how today’s digital entrepreneurs are creating successful and scalable businesses!


We are a FAMILY. 

And that means we do business differently. While the E+mpower online learning portal is complete and robust,
we don’t stop there. Your enrollment in E+mpower gives you access to LIVE COACHING and COMMUNITY SUPPORT throughout your 90 day program. 

  • Access to a private online community where you can post ANY question 24/7. Our coaches offer support daily so you receive a personal response within hours. 
  • TWO LIVE COACHING calls every week and recordings of all live calls
  • Personalized assistance for your business plan every step of the way. 
  • Lifetime access to all content and curriculum

Meet Your E+mpower Coaches 

One of the things that sets E+mpower apart from every other business-building program is our all-star faculty of Coaches who dedicate themselves to you. All of your Coaches are E+mpower grads who built successful businesses. They’ve used our system to create freedom and impact in their own lives, and now they’ve chosen to guide YOU through the program!

Meet our Rockstar Ensemble:

Jess Glazer - Head Coach 

(that’s me! But it’s my official bio below which is why it’s written in the third person!) 

A former celebrity personal trainer and elementary school teacher, Jess turned her online “side hustle” into a million dollar business in less than two years and quickly grew it to multiple-7-figures. Since leaving her teaching job in 2017, Jess has hired a team of incredible heart-centered humans, served hundreds of clients, raised/donated more than $100,000 to charity, built a school in Africa, and helped her clients generate over $11 million in revenue (oh, and helped create 9 millionaires). She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Shape, The New York Post, The Today Show, Good Day New York, and Well + Good.

Andrea “Andi” Johnson - Head Coach

is a licensed psychotherapist, certified coach, and owner of Life Redefined: Healing for the Modern Woman. After being inspired by her own unexpected challenges, she is committed to guiding women out of suffering and into their best mental and physical shape. You’ll be glad to have Andi on your team!

Brett Eaton - Head Coach

is a Life Optimization Coach and Motivational Speaker. Brett knows exactly how to get you taking imperfect action, sticking to daily and weekly commitments, and reaching your next level of success. Brett thrives on inspiring and impacting our E+mpower clients to dig deeper, break out of their comfort zones, and create new standards for their life. 


You’ll also have access to Mary Tringale as your Head Support Coach, Shannon Weinstein, CPA and Money Coach, Nick Pags, our Mindset Coach, Andrea Sager, Legal Coach, and Jim Carter, our passionate Technology Coach.

PLUS we’ve got four additional Support Coaches who graduated from the last round of E+mpower and will walk alongside you as you implement everything you learn and launch your new offer!

Inside E+mpower, you are SEEN. You are HEARD. You are KNOWN. And the depth of mentorship you receive can be your catalyst to a transformed business and life. Get ready because our team of coaches will rock your socks off!


Six figures in six months!

Marina Abrahim, Founder of Empowered Confidence 

“Joining E+mpower and hiring Jess as my business coach was truly life changing. For someone that truly loves structure, having someone break down everything step by step and holding you accountable was a game changer for me. I did not have a business when I joined E+mpower and I took all my ideas and presented it to the E+mpower team who helped me streamline it all, helped me identify my strengths and really hone in on what I can offer that’s profitable and impactful. In 6 months I hit $100k. Something that i KNOW I would not be able to say if it wasn't for Jess. Thank you!”

“My coaching business is my primary source of income, and I’m no longer looking for a job!” 

Chris McMahon, Personal Trainer 

“I am 100% certain I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t done E+mpower!”

Maddy Ciccone, Confidence Coach 


E+mpower has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and side hustlers turn their purpose to profit, and now it’s YOUR turn to build a business that allows you to make the IMPACT and INCOME you desire without working yourself into the ground. 

Every successful entrepreneur knows that strategy can only get you so far. That is why we have integrated mindset calls into our course. You will graduate E+mpower with an unshakable mindset that will allow you to navigate through and beyond any challenges you face as you continue to build your business.


The Email Coaching Program

Value: $1500 

You’ll get value-packed coaching guidance via email for three full months after you graduate, so that you know EXACTLY what to do to continue building bigger profits and making more impact online.

The Reunion Coaching Call

Value: $497

Three months after graduation, we’re gathering AGAIN to give you LIVE coaching support via our Reunion Coaching Session™.

The Resource Guide

Value: $197

This BONUS Resource Guide is a peek behind the curtain at the specific tools, contractors, books and podcasts that we recommend to support your growing empire.

The Directory & Lifetime Digital Community

Value: Priceless

All of our E+mpower grads have the opportunity to be listed in our Digital Directory. You’ll gain access to Networking and Referrals via the Directory of like-minded business owners who understand the E+mpower methodology. In addition to the Directory, we also plug you into a digital community packed with ALL our past graduates (for free) so you can continue connecting, collaborating, and cross-promoting one another!

PLUS! When you apply now, you get more than $2500 worth of
additional gifts and support for your E+mpower journey! 

Ready to snag these powerful GIFTS?!


So let’s review . . .

When you join E+mpower, you get unlimited access to our proven 5 Foundational E+lements™ and online learning portal (Value: $9997) 


90 days of coaching and support and at least TWO weekly coaching calls. (Value $9528)

✅ Our E+mpower Course Workbook, Resource Guide, and Tech Vault access (Value $1491)

✅ Plus The Bridge email coaching and Reunion Call to support you post-graduation (Value $1997) 


Add in our priceless coaches and community and E+mpower is worth more than $22k! 

$23,013 if you want to get specific ;-) 


 And if you enroll now, you'll get access to these 2 insanely valuable bonuses for FREE!:









If you’re like most people then you’re probably feeling like you want to charge more, know you can be making more, AND yet…there are some major money blocks happening!  

Wealth Codes is a 7-part series created to help you understand the energetics of money, deepen & heal your relationships to money, remove blocks, uplevel your financial thermostat, recognize old stories that are keeping you stuck, rewrite/rewire your money blueprint, and learn to attract abundance with a few simple tweaks.

When creating content has become a “to do list” item, it most likely WILL feel this heavy. But, when you recognize that it’s not only an art and science, but also the foundation to your digital business…well, then things can really start to explode! 

Engaged Audience is a 6-part training that helps you create sticky and shareable content to grow your audience, converts cold listeners to burning hot buyers, and it uncovers not just the “how” but the ‘why” behind binge worthy content.


Now it's decision time...


You can apply for E+mpower right now and in the next 90 days, set up the foundations of a profitable business that will help you make the income and, more importantly, the IMPACT you desire. 

Or . . . 

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing. You can stay exactly where you are, watching other people build their dreams, knowing that you’ve got what it takes, but remaining unsure of your path. 

You’re still reading this for a reason. 

If you’re fed up with going it alone, copying other “successful” online gurus instead of confidently building impact that LIGHTS YOU UP and sets you up to LEAD. . . 

Your next step is simple! 


And don’t wait, we only open E+mpower two times per year.

That’s the difference between your biz being up and running by Summer 2022 or Spring of 2023!

You deserve this shot! And my team and I are ready to guide you.

Because I don’t curse, but I DO give a FAQ. . . .



The fact that you’re still reading this page lets me know that you are someone who wants to make a big IMPACT in the world. Every person you serve is going to be positively impacted, and the people around them will experience that energy, and so on and so on! Just like skimming a stone across a quiet pond, you’ll be able to see the ripples of influence from the purpose-based work you put into the marketplace. 


A huge part of our ripple-inducing action is our give-back: We donate one full year of education to one child overseas for every single E+mpower student who enrolls. We use some of our profits to build and maintain a school in Ghana, Africa through Pencils of Promise. The school houses over 500 students and will someday employ nearly 1000 community members. 

We know you crave that kind of impact too, so we teach you how to build your own give-back into your business system. The ripple of generosity and impact continues on with YOU!

Read this before you go...

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels to figure out how to make a real impact in the world, I get it. I was there, too. I know it’s not an accident that we’ve connected here. 

You are in the perfect place to get the support you deserve. And in E+mpower, we are going to help you build your business around your life, not the other way around. 

Everything is lining up for you and everything really is rigged in your favor.  E+mpower is a foundation for life on your own terms.

Life where you get to share your secret sauce with the people you’re put on earth to serve.

Life where a rising tide lifts all ships, and YOUR success means the success of everyone you care about.

Come with me. 

Let’s turn your purpose to profit inside E+mpower. 


Cheering for you,