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If you’re tired of guessing if your content will convert, exhausted from hours on 1:1 calls, and done battling the everyday overwhelm in your business…


… then it’s time to let us E+mpower you!!!

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Most entrepreneurs who dream of creating a 6 or 7-figure business that provides them with time, location, and career freedom often struggle with this one core obstacle that keeps them stuck..as if they’re running on a hamster on a wheel.


Before I tell you what it is, I want you to identify YOUR biggest obstacle. 

Whether you’re currently in business and struggling OR if you’re stuck in the “thinking about it” stage…

Which of the following describes your hamster wheel best?

You're feeling unsure about what to say, how to price & package your offers, and how to clearly show that you're the expert in a way that has people buying?
You've tried to launch a group program or high-ticket offer and heard crickets, leaving you frustrated, exhausted, and wondering why some people’s offers sell like crazy and yours have fallen flat.
You're feeling burnt out from trading time for money, throwing spaghetti at the wall, and trying to replicate what's working for everyone else.
You're paralyzed by the fear of niching down or pivoting because you may lose audience members, leave out potential clients, or even break your business... but speaking to everybody isn’t bringing in sales either.

Duct taping together the “latest” strategies from endless “gurus” and not seeing the results you desire, IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  But, wouldn’t you agree that it’s finally time to plug your business into a system that actually moves the needle in your business?

If you’re anything like me, maybe you too have said the following (more times than I’d like to admit)

  • "I’ve downloaded all the free resources I can find, but they all say something different. I’m not sure what to actually do. I don’t know what will work.”
  • “I spend every spare second of my day listening to podcasts sharing the latest & greatest strategies, but honestly I’m more confused and overwhelmed than ever.”
  • “Everytime I scroll on the gram for inspiration I just see dozens of coaches who are having so much success and I can’t help but wonder what they know that I don’t.”

So, maybe you do what I spent years doing…

… trying to mimic actions of other successful business owners

They make a reel, you make a reel. They host a masterclass, you host a masterclass. They increase prices, you increase prices. And so…the painful cycle of blindly following continues.

And to no surprise, it doesn’t work for you.

You end up feeling even more exhausted, confused, and frustrated by your invested energy & effort with NO RESULTS.

Don’t be ashamed! It’s not your fault!

In fact, it’s all you knew… until now.

Imagine your life when you....

  • finally cracked the code and launched your high-ticket offer and you now have repeatable revenue month after month while attracting & serving clients you love.
  • make at least 10k months doing what you are really good at and you don't have to trade your time for money anymore.
  • know exactly how to attract high paying clients on social media without stressing about your following, being “on” all the time,  or paying for expensive ads.
  • have a plug and play system to build a business machine you can turn on anytime to enroll clients into your core signature program no matter what season of life and business you’re in.


Our proven, done-with-you program where you will leverage organic social media marketing to build a full-time income, by simply sharing your unique skill set & lived experience with the world.

E+mpower is the instruction manual & guided hands on support that your business has been lacking.


Check out the phenomenal results our E+mpower clients have gotten:


Hey, I'm Jess...I created E+mpower for you!

Why? Because, 
not too long ago, I was in a very similar place to where you may be…


… working as an elementary school teacher & personal trainer just to make ends meet

unfulfilled in my day to day jobs so I began blogging, hosting retreats, and taking a stab at network marketing

… putting myself out there and experiencing flopped launches, crickets on social media posts, & complete overwhelm 

After 5 years of throwing spaghetti at the wall in my various “cute side hustles” I took the leap, left my 9-5 job, and went all in on my online coaching business.

I began piecing together everything I had learned from mentors and mistakes to create the EOM ™ formula… the exact formula that helped me go from “cute side hustle” to million-dollar business in 18 months. 

Years later, we’ve scaled to multiple 7-figures, retired my husband from corporate, traveled the country in an RV for 14 months while working full-time, expanded our team, and most importantly…

… helped our clients generate over $22 million in known revenue, retire spouses, pay off debt, and create jobs for others
… guided 13 of our clients to reach millionaire status from the ground up
… opened doors in Jan 2021 to a school in Ghana to help underprivileged students and provide jobs for local community members

E+mpower is the virtual room where you get to turn your ideas into a sustainable & scalable income simply by making a bigger impact in this world!

More results from our E+mpower students!

Here’s where your roadmap to holistic freedom (time, location, financial, career, creative) begins…

Every successful online business is built upon 3 critical outcomes: Audience Growth, Global Impact, Consistent Income

In order to master these outcomes we must first master the 3 key business pillars… that’s where my team and I come in!

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside once you become a member of E+mpower!

Building Your Business Roadmap

In phase 1 we take your business from sinking to solid by building an Unshakable Infrastructure™. We’ll walk you through exercises (the same that I use) to ensure you’re not building a skyscraper on quicksand because we both know you wouldn’t be able to build that very high! Phase 1 is set up to get you UNSTUCK and ON TRACK to effortlessly move through the remainder of the program with confidence and clarity.

Inside Phase 1 you’ll discover:

  • How to create your very own productivity map so you can FINALLY ditch the overwhelm, toss the dozens of post-it notes, and eliminate everyday business stressors

  • How the most successful entrepreneurs set up their legal & financial systems while being guided by our in house CPA & Attorney to make certain NOTHING falls through the cracks

  • Ways to extract your personal story, purpose, and expertise so you can build a POWERFUL brand that attracts dream clients while keeping you feeling aligned & energized

  • The KEY to finally nailing your niche and understanding the most important parts of your dream clients so that you’ll be in a place where your content truly does CONVERT

And so much more! From there, we move on to…

Creating an Offer so Irresistible it Sells Itself

To ensure you go from unknown to known by way of creating a Powerful Social Presence™  because you can’t make sales or impact if no one knows who you are or what you do.

Inside Phase 2 you’ll discover:

  • The #1 WAY the most successful content creators are optimizing their profiles, nurturing leads, and building “know like and trust” through organic social media

  •  How to create and launch your no-brainer lead magnet (aka your “freemium”) so you can build a list that you OWN that’s packed with potential dream clients

  •  How to EFFECTIVELY formulate a curriculum and launch vehicle that will deliver an excellent experience for your clients

  •  The PROVEN FORMULA to build rapport and safe coaching in all of your containers (free or paid) to not only increase customer experience, but also retention

By the end of Phase 2, you’ll never stress about leads, content, or pre-launch work again!

Enroll Dream Clients on Repeat

Install a Repeatable Vehicle™  to ensure you’re building not only a scalable and sustainable business, but a profitable one that’s packed with an audience of buyers who are ready and willing to do the work to get results.

Inside Phase 3 you’ll discover:

  • How to CONFIDENTLY speak about your irresistible offer in a way that never leaves your audience bored, confused, or wanting to swipe away; never feel salesly or sleazy again

  •  The MOST EFFECTIVE ways of managing difficult conversations, rejection, and objections without it derailing your mood, taking over your energy, or effecting any part of your launch

  •  Where to actually FOCUS your time and energy during each of the 8 launch phases so you don’t get overwhelmed, overworked, or simply over it 

  •  A variety of pricing structures that leave you feeling aligned, expansive, and making decisions in your business from a place of abundance and growth; rather than lack and fear

After Phase 3 completes, you’ll have an entire framework for your business on lock. A framework that is not only repeatable and duplicatable, but is simple, effective, and efficient; lather, rinse, repeat model that will bring your business to a level of success you never even knew was possible!

Not only will you and your business be completely transformed, but you’ll be properly set up to handle any challenge that comes your way (which they will)!

E+mpower is the result of over 4 years and 17 cohorts of fine tuning… we’ve got nothing to hide!

I know that before I invest in myself I like to SEE all the details, weigh the pros/cons, and really get a FEEL for what I’m getting myself into. So, I made you this quick video that not only gives you a peep behind the curtain, but it answers our most frequently asked questions!


I can talk about how incredibly life-changing E+mpower is for days, but I’d rather you hear it from more of our graduates!


What makes us different...

I can’t speak about other programs or courses, but I can say that what we’ve created and what we offer is nothing like any program, course, or coaching program I’ve ever been a part of or seen being offered (and I’ve been investing in online coaching since 2014).

So, what makes us different?

E+mpower follows the signature 4 C’s to Success Model™ .

The model that provides our clients with the winning combination of support and tools that create unmatched results.

1. Content

Lifetime access to our comprehensive digital learning portal, as well as our follow along course workbook where we walk you (and pace you) through our proven 5 step process to create and scale your digital business 

2. Coaching

A minimum of 2 live coaching calls every week where you have an opportunity for 1:1 hot seat coaching & feedback from our team of niche experts so we can have our hands IN your business; a full blown done-with-you model (note: all calls are recorded)

3. Community

Access to a private community of support, accountability, and daily coaching threads with personalized support for anything you may need in between our live calls

4. Continuing Education

Upon graduation we automatically roll you into our alumni program for FREE. This includes 12-weeks of additional support/trainings communication via email, a 90-day post graduation reunion call for elevated coaching, our alumni network FB group where you can connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and access to our FREE monthly workshops that we host for all graduates 

You already know how difficult it is to try and build your business by yourself…chances are, that’s why you’re here in the first place, right?! We both know, it’s not easy.

In fact,
every successful entrepreneur knows that success leaves clues. 

And while we’ve shared hundreds of financial wins, we also know the importance of the non-financial transformations as well!

The 3 most common mistakes struggling coaches are making that is keeping them stuck and unable to scale to 6-figures and beyond… without burning out:

1. They’re using an outdated business model that isn’t scalable (solely focused on serving 1:1 clients)
2. Their offers don’t have people banging down the virtual door because they’re actually selling the wrong thing and missing the mark in their content leading up to the sale
3. They think the only way to make money is to either raise their prices, launch another product, or spend money on expensive ads 

While this may seem overwhelming right now, believe me… it’s not.

I created E+mpower to eliminate the overwhelm & guide you with a plug-and-play instructional manual to build your business machine. Let’s review what you’ll get!

Our proprietary method and resources

(VALUE $12k)

90 days of specialized coaching and support and at least TWO weekly coaching calls

(VALUE $50k)

12 weeks of coaching and continued support via email after graduation + a 90-day reunion call to re-connect, celebrate, and get coached on next steps
(VALUE $2k)

(some of our E+mpower coaches & clients meeting up at an event)

Our team of coaches and community that will become family.

Sure, you can spend another 6, 12, 24 months trying to figure it out by yourself.


And you can absolutely invest $500 - $3,000 on another program that only gives you one piece to the puzzle (kinda like buying one tire without the rest of the bike)… leaving you stuck and having to buy yet another program.

But, wouldn’t it just be smarter and more time efficient to learn how to build your business machine with all its parts and endless support - for a fraction of what duct taping it together would cost?! 

So, that leads me to how much the investment will be to get your hands on our Empowered Organic Method ™  …

For the past 4 years, if you wanted to work with me directly, you would need to invest between $9k - $30k, OR you could join one of my high level groups that range from $12k - $22k

But now you can learn everything I’ve taught those clients without that high price tag!

E+mpower is a $4997 investment which is honestly a no-brainer!!! Why?

  • Not only do you get to work with me in a intimate fashion for a fraction of the typical investment, but you get access to my incredible team of niche experts 
  • When you follow our step-by-step approach and implement our action items into your business, you have the opportunity to not only recoup your investment, but 2x, 4x, 10x it while you’re in the program

And because over delivering is my love language, I’ve got some more juicy bonuses for you!

When you enroll by midnight PST, you get 2 additional gifts (valued at $1,999) carefully curated to simplify your process & accelerate your results


(VALUE $1,111)


  • When you master the art & science behind content creation it no longer feels like a heavy “to do” list item, but rather a playful invitation to your ideal clients

    • Understand the psychology behind what makes content “sticky” & turns bingers in buyers 


(VALUE $888)


  • Raising your pricing, charging your worth, and money affirmations are outdated approaches to creating wealth 
    • Understand the energetics of money while deepening & healing your relationship to money
    • Remove blocks, up level your financial thermostat, & rewrite your money blueprint to attract abundance with ease
    • Spend the necessary time evaluating your current wealth, financial leaks, and simplify calculations like hourly rate, so you can step into E+mpower with a rock solid money mindset


(VALUE $197)


  • Imagine how much easier it will feel to not be stressing over the technology side of your business and wondering whether or not your pages will be highly converting! These templates take the guessing out of what to write, how to code, and where to connect everythng on the backend of your business.
    • Write your opt-in & thank you page copy like a seasoned business owner
    • Customize your brand color, font, and aesthetic to any 1 of our 4 designs…without the headache of figuring it out yourself or paying for an expensive graphic designer
    • Follow our step by step tutorials for set up to ensure you’re not losing sleep over whether or not your audience will actually get the things you promised them

Workbook Hard Copy

*Note: we ship to US and Canada only*

(VALUE $97)

  • We will mail you our 140 page follow along workbook to keep your work organized, business growth moving, and stress levels low
    • Know exactly what to do and when
    • Follow our step by step checklists & progress trackers
    • Watch your business come to life as you fill in the most important elements in one sacred place


(VALUE $297)

If launching feels heavy, confusing and not as effective as you desire, then this masterclass is for you! I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you our proven launch system that has consistently generated $100-$300k launches since 2018. Multi-6 Figure Launches on Repeat will help you understand the elements of an irresistible offer — what makes it sellable, scalable, AND sustainable and get your offer in front of your DREAM clients consistently — and how to have them saying “YES!”

And if that’s not enough, we’re offering one more MEGA BONUS!!!

Your VIP Golden Ticket:
This Golden Ticket will grant you access to ALL DBE Masterclasses for the rest of 2023

(Note: this Golden Ticket offer expires at 11:59 pm PST on April 9th)


(VALUE $888)

If you’ve ever tried to manifest a dream client, “call in” more cash, meditate your way to a dream launch, journal yourself out of overwhelm, or even Pinterest your way to your vision board life…well, you’re not alone. You’re also probably not a stranger to it NOT always working. The Manifestation Matrix is a 4-part series that marries the strategy & spiritual into a recipe so delicious that you can smell your dream life/business like you are already living it. Warning: this WILL rub off on those around you and impact more lives!

Ok, Let’s Recap!

When you join E+mpower, you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to build a 6-figure (and beyond) scalable coaching business… without having a big following, paying for expensive ads, or spending hours on 1:1 calls

  • The 16 proprietary educational modules that every business owners needs to create a life and business of holistic freedom
  • 12 weeks of specialized coaching and live support give you a full done-with-you experience
  • Our comprehensive follow along workbook to take the guessing out of your journey
  • Access to our alumni network, free monthly workshops, and additional support POST graduation


This total is well over $60,000 in value ($64,000 if you want to be specific) And you can get it all for $933 today!


And don’t wait. This may be the last round of E+mpower until 2024.
That’s the difference between you having paid dream clients working with you in June 2023 vs Feb or June of 2024.

Get started today for as low as $933


Now it's decision time...

You can join E+mpower today, and over the next 90 days set up the foundations to a long lasting, sustainable, and scalable digital business…One that will lead you to more income and impact, without sacrificing more of your precious time.


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing. You can stay exactly where you are, watching other people build their dreams, knowing that you’ve got what it takes, but remaining unsure of your path. 

You’re still reading this for a reason. 

If you’re fed up with going it alone, copying other “successful” online gurus instead of confidently building impact that LIGHTS YOU UP and sets you up to LEAD. . . 

Your next step is simple! 


Because I don’t curse, but I DO give a FAQ....

Find some of our most asked questions below!