Trust me, I know how it feels...

You're feeling unsure about what to say, how to price & package your offers, and how to clearly show that you're the expert in a way that has people buying?
You've tried to launch a group program or high-ticket offer and heard crickets, leaving you frustrated, exhausted, and wondering why some people’s offers sell like crazy and yours have fallen flat.
You're feeling burnt out from trading time for money, throwing spaghetti at the wall, and trying to replicate what's working for everyone else.
You're struggling with the idea that niching down or pivoting may cause you to lose audience members, leave out potential clients, and break your business... but speaking to everybody isn’t bringing in sales either.

There are endless strategies, business models, tactics, platforms and ways to grow your business online.
(I get it, it’s overwhelming)

"I’ve downloaded all the free resources I can find, but they all say something different. I’m not sure what actually works.”

“I spend every spare second of my day listening to podcasts sharing the latest & greatest marketing strategies, but I honestly feel more confused than ever.”

And, it MIGHT even be possible that in moments you’re not so proud of… You’re scrolling the gram and thinking “What makes them so special? I should be that successful, too! What do they have that I don’t?”

So you choose a seemingly successful business owner and try to mimic their actions. They make a reel, you make a reel. They host a masterclass, you host a masterclass. They increase prices, you increase prices… (this painful cycle continues)

But, it doesn’t work for you.

You end up feeling exhausted, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by all the energy and effort you’re investing with NO RESULTS to show for it.

So, what's right for you?

Imagine your life when you....

  • finally cracked the code and launched your high-ticket offer and you now have repeatable revenue month after month serving clients you love.

  • make at least 10k months doing what you are really good at and you don't have to trade your time for money anymore.

  • know exactly how to attract high paying clients on social media without stressing about your following or sponsored ads.

  • have a plug and play system you can use anytime for enrolling clients into your core signature program and you're no longer guessing and wondering what to say or who to speak to.


E+mpower is a 90-day group coaching program that helps you extract your expertise to build & launch a signature core offer in 90 days or less!

Having a signature core offer is the #1 way to create time, financial, career, and location freedom . . . without burning out trading your time for money!


Check out the phenomenal results our E+mpower clients have gotten:


Hey, I'm Jess...I created E+mpower for you!

Why? Because, not too long ago, I was in a very similar place to where you are. I was working as an elementary school teacher, running around before the sun came up and again after school to squeeze in personal training clients just to make ends meet. 

Maybe you can relate to the fact that while I appreciated my teaching job, I felt unfulfilled. So I was trying all the things . . . I competed in bodybuilding, grew a network marketing biz, started blogging, hosted retreats, and even started an accessories company. I wanted to turn my ideas into additional income and make an impact on people along the way.

Thankfully, my experience as a teacher helped me map a repeatable business-growth system that works for any business owner serving any niche online. This is the exact system I used to turn my “cute side hustle” into a million-dollar online business in just two short years! 

We’ve now grown to multiple-seven figures, I’ve retired my husband, and we traveled the country in an RV for 14 months! We use some of our profits to build and operate a school for underprivileged students in Ghana. And I’ve served hundreds of clients like you in E+mpower who’ve now turned their own ideas into INCOME and IMPACT!

More results from our E+mpower students!

Here's where your Roadmap to Freedom begins...

Every successful online business is built with these 5 E+lements, and inside E+mpower, you get the FULL support of me and my team as you:


What you already know and are an expert at. You have what it takes to build a successful online business without another certification or training. We’ll help you find what your special sauce is!


Who you help and how you solve their problem. Because when you can solve a problem, you can build a profitable business.


Your message effectively via organic marketing so you can build an audience of ideal clients without losing money on paid advertising.


Relationships with your audience and build a genuine “know like trust” factor with each one of your followers.


Leads, income and impact with your online business!


E+mpower is NOT your average coaching program.

It is the results of 4 years and 15 cohorts of fine tuning. Check out the 3 Phases of modules and the support you'll get as an E+mpower student throughout the program.


  • Creating your productivity map

  • Solidifying your official business LLC and setting yourself up for bookkeeping & tax success with our in-house CPA, Shannon Weinstein

  • Learn the necessary tech tools & systems to operate your business smoothly so nothing falls through the cracks

  • Extract your personal story, purpose, and expertise so you can build a powerful brand that attracts ideal clients


  • Install the strategic systems to keep yourself on track and making progress toward a profitable signature group program launch

  • Creating and launching your no-brainer lead magnet aka your "freemium" to build your list with potential clients who want to know more about your work

  • Formulating your group program curriculum, building your course area, and delivering an excellent experience for your clients


  • You'll be given your individualized content strategy to generating leads on social media without spending all day online or getting stuck in overwhelm
  • Confidently speak about your irresistible offer in a variety of ways that never leaves you or your audience bored, confused, or wanting to swipe away
  • Learn to navigate and manage difficult conversations, rejection, and objections without allowing it to derail your mood, take over your energy, or effect any part of your launch
  • Generate sales with pricing that feels aligned, expansive, and allows you to make decisions in your business from a place of abundance; rather than lack

Want a peek inside the course? I’m sharing my screen to literally show you all the goods & answer our most commonly asked questions.


Check out what some more of our graduates have to say!


E+mpower is a FAMILY.

And that means we do business differently. While the E+mpower online learning portal is complete and robust, we don’t stop there. Your enrollment in E+mpower gives you access to LIVE COACHING and COMMUNITY SUPPORT throughout your 90 day program. 

  • Access to a private online community where you can post ANY question 24/7. Our coaches offer support daily so you receive a personal response within hours. 
  • A minimum of TWO LIVE COACHING calls every week and recordings of all live calls
  • Personalized assistance for your business plan every step of the way. 
  • Lifetime access to all content and curriculum

Every successful entrepreneur knows that strategy can only get you so far…long term success will require deep mental work!

Look, we can absolutely share the thousands of financial wins we’ve helped our clients get…but, we also know the importance of the non-financial wins!


See how our students mindset's have changed since joining E+mpower....

Here's a final breakdown of everything you'll get when you join E+mpower:

Our proprietary method and resources

(VALUE $12k)

90 days of specialized coaching and support and at least TWO weekly coaching calls

(Value $50k)

12 weeks of coaching and continued support via email after graduation + a 90-day reunion call to re-connect, celebrate, and get coached on next steps

(Value $2k)

Our team of coaches and community that will become family.


That’s a value of more than $60k
$63,485 if you want to get specific.

And if you enroll by midnight EST, you'll get access to these 2 insanely valuable bonuses for FREE!


(VALUE $297)

If launching feels heavy, confusing and not as effective as you desire, then this masterclass is for you! I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you our proven launch system that has consistently generated $100-$300k launches since 2018. Multi-6 Figure Launches on Repeat will help you understand the elements of an irresistible offer — what makes it sellable, scalable, AND sustainable and get your offer in front of your DREAM clients consistently — and how to have them saying “YES!”


(VALUE $1,111)

When creating content has become a “to do list” item, it most likely WILL feel this heavy. But, when you recognize that it’s not only an art and science, but also the foundation to your digital business…well, then things can really start to explode! 

Engaged Audience is a 6-part training that helps you create sticky and shareable content to grow your audience, converts cold listeners to burning hot buyers, and it uncovers not just the “how” but the ‘why” behind binge worthy content.


(VALUE $888)

If you’re like most people then you’re probably feeling like you want to charge more, know you can be making more, AND yet…there are some major money blocks happening!  

Wealth Codes is a 7-part series created to help you understand the energetics of money, deepen & heal your relationships to money, remove blocks, uplevel your financial thermostat, recognize old stories that are keeping you stuck, rewrite/rewire your money blueprint, and learn to attract abundance with a few simple tweaks.


(VALUE $888)

If you’ve ever tried to manifest a dream client, “call in” more cash, meditate your way to a dream launch, journal yourself out of overwhelm, or even Pinterest your way to your vision board life…well, you’re not alone. You’re also probably not a stranger to it NOT always working. The Manifestation Matrix is a 4-part series that marries the strategy & spiritual into a recipe so delicious that you can smell your dream life/business like you are already living it. Warning: this WILL rub off on those around you and impact more lives!


And don't wait. This is the last round of E+mpower for 2022.

That’s the difference between you having paid dream clients working with you in Jan 2023 vs late Summer/Fall of 2023.

You deserve this shot! And my team and I are ready to guide you.


Now it's decision time...

You can join E+mpower today and over the next 90 days, set up the foundations to long lasting, sustainable, and scalable digital business… One that will allow you to more income and impact, while trading less of your time.


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing. You can stay exactly where you are, watching other people build their dreams, knowing that you’ve got what it takes, but remaining unsure of your path. 

You’re still reading this for a reason. 

If you’re fed up with going it alone, copying other “successful” online gurus instead of confidently building impact that LIGHTS YOU UP and sets you up to LEAD. . . 

Your next step is simple! 

Because I don’t curse, but I DO give a FAQ....

Find some of our most asked questions below!