Monthly women's only fitness/brunch field trips to help women step out of their comfort zones, try new things, get sweaty, and connect with like-minded women for support, friendship, and of course tribe!


    I saw a gap in the fitness industry, I felt a tug, I knew I had something inside of me that everyone could benefit from. So, in July 2016 FITtrips was born.

    Let's be honest, making girl friends as an adult can be really hard, awkward, and scary; it shouldn't be, but it is. Talking to strangers, scary. Taking a new fitness class, scary. Not being good at something, scary. Potentially failing, scary. Sweating in front of other people, scary (come on, think swass). Spending money on someone yelling at you to do more burpees, scary (and seemingly stupid).

    You get the idea...but, for me, that stuff is my wheelhouse and I know what happens after that pit in your stomach. In fact, I'm addicted to that feeling just after "the pit", aka FEAR!

    So, I've made it my mission to help as many women as possible get over that silly little fear hump and experience what's on the other side!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"FIT" stands for Friendship Inspired Training. FITtrips are all about connecting with other women and growing your tribe; or shall we say, FITtribe.

FITtrips are hosted once a month in NYC. Occasionally there are circumstances where there may be 2 trips in one month or a trip may be in a different state. The best way to stay in touch and hear about upcoming trips is to follow along on IG @fit.trips

FITtrips tickets change monthly due to the cost for the studio being rented and restaurant catering costs. That said, we like to try to keep tickets under $80.

That said, we also donate a portion of the ticket proceeds to a different charity every single month!

(Some past charities we're donated to: I Support the Girls, Girls on the Run, The Movemeant Foundation, Susan G Komen, The National Kidney Foundation)

One of the foundations when Jess started FITtrips was that it needed to be a movement that gave back. Whether it was time or donations, service was a must!

We are proud to announce the FITtrips donates a portion of ticket proceeds from every single FITtrip every month! Jess (and sometimes the FITtribe girls) choose a new charity/organization to donate to each month. They've donated money, canned goods, clothing, feminine products, and even time.

If you have an organization that needs a helping hand, please feel free to reach out so we can add you to our list at [email protected]

Absolutely NOT! The whole point of FITtrips is that we're all there together, trying something new, without judgement. All FITtrips are extremely inclusive and by the classes being private, there is no pressure! Come as you are (amazing, may I add) and you do you boo!

We couldn't agree more that this is SO important for young girls to see and experience. That said, not all studios allow children/young adults. Additionally, not all FITtrips may be best for younger girls to come along. So, please email askjessglaze[email protected] directly about any younger FITtribe members tagging along!

Hang tight!

We're currently working on franchising and bringing ambassadors on in other cities...stay tuned!


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