💎Build Your Legacy💎


Building a business is one thing… but, building a legacy is a whole other level!

Once you
allow your vision and mission to drive your actions, you’ll be taken to a new world… a world where life and business simply can’t ever be the same.

Legacy Lounge is for the innovators, dreamers, and action takers who know that big leaps are met with challenges… but more importantly, they’re met with even bigger rewards. 

In 2012 I started my online business as a “cute side hustle”...

… partially to fill a void & tap into my creative outlet

… additionally to help pay the bills bc my teachers salary wasn’t cutting it

… lastly, to make a bigger impact because I knew I could help more people


I quickly realized that in order to collapse time, assist myself through challenges, & truly reach my potential as a leader; I needed a mentor...

For over a decade, I’ve put myself in rooms that have stretched me, learned from the best in the industry, and continuously invested in my own personal growth because let’s face it… 

Our business will only grow to the extent that we do!

In order to grow ourselves exponentially, we need to work on our personal power, increase our emotional intelligence, understand energetics, & of course… learn all of the strategies that allow us to implement systems…

… systems that allow us to optimize and scale

… structure that actually creates freedom for us creative entrepreneurs 


Which is exactly why I created Legacy Lounge for you… for us!

During our 6 months together, you'll receive:  

Legacy Lounge VIP

🗣️ Monthly Live Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Inside The Legacy Lounge you’ll have
access to our monthly live coaching calls where you’ll not only have the ability to connect directly and deeply with our other leaders, but you’ll have the opportunity for custom guidance, support, & coaching with me so that you can actually move the needle in your life, mindset, and business. 

🎤 Weekly Audio Activations via Telegram

Another perk inside LL is that you’ll truly get to stay plugged in! 
Each week, I'll be recording & sending you live (and very real/raw) audio drop activations via our private Telegram channel. These activations will be a blend of trainings, insights, truths, and powerful lessons to ensure you’re building your legacy brick by brick.

📱 Private Community Chat

You’ll also gain a
dmission to our private community chat thread where you can connect daily with the other legacy leaders to ensure you’re surrounded by expansion & support at any given moment. The best way to truly stay plugged in!

🔮 Leadership Portal

You’ll have access to our entire
Legacy Leadership Portal jam packed with a library of both practical (strategic/masculine) & energetic (mindset/feminine) trainings to transform your business in the matter of weeks… even days!

note: these are additional trainings that are not inside of The Club membership)

👑  Custom Gold Legacy Bracelet Stack

As soon as you step into your power of being a Legacy Leader, you’ll submit your ticket to
receive your Gold Legacy Bracelet Stack, which will be be delivered straight to your doorstep. This stack is to remind you who you are; it’s a piece that you can wear on your best days to amplify your impact/income… and a piece that you’ll crave putting on during the darker days when you’ve almost forgotten where your spark lies. A simple glance down at your wrist will change the lives of those you come in contact with each day!

As seen on:

And while you’ll get E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to take the internet by storm & exponentially grow your income and impact… we love over delivering!

So, when you join us in The Legacy Lounge, we’re gifting you with TWO more incredible programs valued over $1700!

💰 Wealth Codes

A 7-part life changing experience where you’ll understand the energetics of money, deepen & heal your relationship to wealth, and remove any blocks keeping you from upleveling your financial thermostat… so that you can finally rewire your personal money blueprint and learn to attract abundance with ease. 

(Valued at $888)

🪄 Manifestation Matrix

This 4-part series isn’t your average “just Pinterst your way to your dream life”, this work is where science, art, & spirituality meet. In the matrix you’ll learn about the energetic laws of the Universe, how to truly detach, recognize ineffective ways you may be asking for what you want, and calibrate to a new level of unlocking magic in every area of your life & business. 

(Valued at $888)

PLUS: When you join Legacy Lounge you’ll also be gifted full access to The Club for FREE during your 6 months in the lounge… that’s over a $10,000 value!

Join today for just $500

Let’s review what you get when you join us inside The Club

Come for the strategy, stay for the internal shifts.

Come for the community, stay for the expansion.

Come for the coaching, stay for the belief of what’s possible. 

Come for the accountability, stay for the fresh air.


Build your business in a way that plugs into your dreams, your life, and your goals. 


The Club is a home for you, your business, & all your biggest ideas.


Learn the strategies to create content that has your dream clients throwing their CC at you.

Make the type of impact & income that almost feels unrealistic.

Create launch plans that don’t leave you feeling a case of PTSD.


This is where you dream bigger.
This is where you find your family of action takers.

This is where you come for refinement, tweaks, and amplifications of who you already are. 

See what some of our leaders have said!

OK, Let's Review What You Get in the Lounge:

  • Gold Legacy Bracelet Stack to be delivered straight to your doorstep. 

  • Access to our monthly hot seat live coaching calls with the opportunity for custom guidance, support, & coaching with me.
  • Admission to our private community chat with the other legacy leaders to ensure you’re surrounded by expansion & support at any given moment. 

  • Weekly live (and very real/raw) audio drop activations via our private Telegram channel. 

  • Access to our entire Legacy Leadership Portal jam packed with a library of both strategic & mindset based trainings.

  • BONUS GIFT #1: Wealth Codes- A 7-part, life changing experience where you’ll understand the science & logic behind money.

  • BONUS GIFT #2: Manifestation Matrix- A 4-part series where science, art, & spirituality meet. 

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