You didn’t start your business to sit behind a computer screen all day and you certainly didn’t dream of having to be buttoned up, professional, and following someone else’s rules…


… that’s not what we do as entrepreneurs 


🗺 We pave our own path.

📦 We think outside the box.

🥁 We dance to the beat of our own drummer.

The Club is where we throw it all away in an effort to create something new, something magical, something that people talk about for decades to come.

Hey! I’m Jess, your club curator…

If you didn’t know, I grew up going to major NYC clubs nearly every single weekend from the age of 14. Clubs for me always represented a place where…

🪩 Everyone fit in and yet, everyone stood out

🪩 There was no judgment, but a whole lot of self expression

🪩 We moved our bodies, soaked up the energy, connected with others, and found the sparkle inside in our hearts that made us feel alive

They were the place I went to feel most like myself. 

And while you maybe didn’t experience clubs like I did, you likely had outlets in your life that made you feel most alive like sports, nature, or playing an instrument.

Fast forward to today and like many entrepreneurs, I’ve found myself in seasons where my light has dimmed, my creativity has dried up, and that spark seems harder & harder to find.

And we both know that building a business without our spark is like trying to start a car without an engine… a seemingly impossible task.

Which is exactly why I created The Club.

Think of The Club as your city's best kept secret, where…


🎨 trends are made

📝 rules are broken

🤝 partnerships are born


⏰ ....AND time slips by leaving you with the best memories & stories to tell for a lifetime

The Club Membership Perks

Proprietary DBE Formula

The exact formula Jess & her clients have used to scale from $0 to $100k+ months

(Valued at $2,000)

Monthly VIP activation calls on Zoom

Focused trainings, live workshops, and “socials” so you can really move the needle in your business & explode your own movement!

(Valued at $2,000)

Access to our Exclusive Community

Surround yourself with leaders who change the world one action step at a time… legacy leaders whom you may not have around in your day to day life

(Value is Priceless)

Secrets of Selling on Social Masterclass

Master the art of capturing attention, building community, and selling on stories without sounding sleazy

(Valued at $397)

The Forgotten Essentials

Dissect your business down to the core, patch the cracks, plug the holes, & set yourself with a bulletproof foundation that is scalable, sustainable, & profitable

(Valued at $197)

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While you get everything you need inside of The Club, we're also gifting you two more juicy bonuses!

🎁 #1: Social Media Canva Templates

Say goodbye to stressing over what to say & how to create it. With these 120 Canva templates, you’ll not only have plug-and-play content prompts, but easy to customize post for launches, podcast announcements, building community, highlight cover, and more!

(Valued at $297)

🎁 #2: Email Subject Lines & Copy Scripts

Building your email list is one thing, but getting your community to actually open and read your emails is another. Get your hands on 100 proven to convert email subject lines & copy scripts to decrease stress & increase effectively nurturing your list!

(Valued at $197)

Join today for only $49.97

*this special founders rate is only available today 5/31 & will rise June 1st

Inside The Club you'll...


Be expanded by thought leaders, trendsetters, industry pioneers who are doing things you only thought was possible in the movies


Create a brand that screams authority, credibility, community, and trust; a brand that shines brighter than any competition & trickles down into legacy impact


Learn how to communicate the value of your mentorship in a way that dream clients don’t just find you, they know it’s the right fit and throw their credit cards at you immediately

Let’s review what you get when you join us inside The Club

Come for the strategy, stay for the internal shifts.

Come for the community, stay for the expansion.

Come for the coaching, stay for the belief of what’s possible. 

Come for the accountability, stay for the fresh air.


Build your business in a way that plugs into your dreams, your life, and your goals. 


The Club is a home for you, your business, & all your biggest ideas.


Learn the strategies to create content that has your dream clients throwing their CC at you.

Make the type of impact & income that almost feels unrealistic.

Create launch plans that don’t leave you feeling a case of PTSD.


This is where you dream bigger.
This is where you find your family of action takers.

This is where you come for refinement, tweaks, and amplifications of who you already are. 

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Let’s review what you get when you join us inside The Club


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