029 | Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship with Jim Carter

Aug 10, 2022

In This Episode:

Jim Carter is an SEO expert and co-founder of Carter & Custer, an agency providing growth and content services for purpose-driven brands and organizations of all sizes.

As a self-proclaimed “recovering software engineer”, a young Jim had to force himself to cross the terrifying chasm between corporate America and entrepreneurship to get to where he is today. As a business owner, it isn’t pure profit that drives him, but the idea of leaving a legacy.

In today’s conversation, Jim shares why making an impact is his biggest driver as a business owner, coach, and philanthropist. He speaks in particular of his journey to becoming a board member at Pencils of Promise, as well as his thoughts on leading winning organizations.

He then talks about the keys to success in building an agency and other service-based businesses. These include the importance of shedding the “solopreneur” mindset and delegating tasks to the right people in your team, knowing your numbers, and ensuring your business has a worthy cause.

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  •  Scaling any business requires the entrepreneur – who has a tendency to do everything on their own – to embrace true leadership: to learn how to identify strengths and delegate tasks based on those strengths.
  • Another commonly-overlooked factor by the visionary entrepreneur is their business’s finances. Knowing your numbers early on will save you a world of headaches later down the line as you grow the company. Specifically get clear on your: revenuegross profit marginnet profit margin, and cash on hand.
  •  Get familiar with your role as an employer, particularly the legalities (both on the state and federal level) around hiring. This makes growth so much smoother in the long run.

Episode Resources

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  •  What is your coaching superpower? Take the FREE 60-second quiz here: jessglazer.com/quiz

Key Timestamps

  • [14:20] – Why Jim is so driven by impact, and his work with Pencils of Promise;
  • [22:51] – How Jim initially got involved with PoP;
  • [34:02] – Advice on building an agency;
  • [45:08] – The three most important considerations when scaling a business;
  • [54:02] – Jim’s tech tip reels and other ways he repurposes valuable content;
  • [59:19] – Rapid-fire questions.

Episode Quotes

  •  “Seeing the results of giving without expectations is just the most fun, ever.” 

About Jim Carter

As a passionate Technology Coach, Jim Carter uses his 20+ years of knowledge, expertise, and experiences to advise Social Impact organizations, brands and experts. He is the co-founder of Carter & Custer, an agency providing growth and content services for purpose-driven brands and organizations of all sizes. He's an Eagle Scout, entrepreneur, husband and father of two, public speaker & trainer in the industry. Jim resides in the Los Angeles Area, enjoys a fine cup of coffee, the occasional glass of whiskey and rocks a mustache with pride.

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