How you can turn a $5 pack of post-it notes into thousands in revenue

If you’ve ever seen me teach, you know I have an obsession with post-it notes, but for good reason. Tap into EXACTLY how I teach my clients to create & sell hundreds of thousands in courses/products BEFORE they’re even built!

Price your product with confidence

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “Jess, how do you know how much to charge?” In this training you’ll not only learn exactly HOW I price my products/offers, but I’ll walk you through the actual formula to figuring out your hourly rate!

Readers are Leaders & Note takers are Money makers

Anyone else a total book nerd? I actually HATED reading as a kid and never read a book fully through. I literally couldn’t even make it through the Cliff Notes/Spark note versions (if you’ve never heard of those then thanks, I’m old). But now, I’m obsessed! If you want to peep inside what I’m consuming, grab this INSANE, constantly changing, always updated, beautifully categorized book list! Oh & snag the bonus training all about how you can improve your reading speed.

The EmpoweredPreneur FREE FB Community

If you’ve been craving community and wanting to connect with other like-minded solopreneurs/entrepreneurs...this is the spot for you. Not only do I offer free advice and trainings, I also bring in other guest experts during our weekly “speaker series” and you have the opportunity to promote, collab, and create magic with one another. Run, don’t walk & I’ll see you over there!

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