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Self-Study programs to improve every part of your business, on your own time

Turn your idea into impact with one of my online programs!

A roadmap of products for growing and scaling your business online, reaching more people, and making a greater impact.


Turn Your Idea to Income, Profit From Your Purpose, and Build an Impactful Online Business!

A proven Business Blueprint that will show you exactly how to transition to an online business by creating a high-ticket offer in 90 days or less . . . without paid advertising, complicated tech, or 14-hour workdays!

Next class Fall 2022!


Empower Yourself 

Create, Launch, & Fill Your Digital Course
(on your own time!)

The most comprehensive, 
do it yourself program walking you step by step through ideation to finally having your course land in your dream clients lap without needing a big following, paying for ads, or spending hours on 1:1 calls

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A transformational container to elevate your brand, voice, offers, relationships, and revenue.

Proximity is an intimate, high touch, high level small group coaching container...Not a mastermind, not a course. Collapse time while learning from those who have done it, magnify your brand with next level biz strategies, & expand your community to reach more people.


Empower Yourself

The most comprehensive, do it yourself program walking you step by step through ideation to finally having your course land in your dream clients lapwithout needing a big following, paying for ads, or spending hours on 1:1 calls

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Secrets to Selling on Social

Master the art of selling, attract dream clients, and make more money....without paid ads or outdated sleazy sales tactics!

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Multi 6-Figure Launches

Get our proven launch system that has consistently generated $100k - $300k launches since 2018

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The Forgotten Essentials

The most underrated and foundational marketing to quantum leap your business.

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Engaged Audience

How to create content that gets shared, saved, and sells!

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Wealth Codes

Understand the frequency of money and activate the money magnet within!

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Manifestation Matrix

Collapse time, expand what's possible, and magnetize magic.

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Productivity Guru

Step up your game as the CEO of your life with organization, systems, and energy management.

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