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030 | 5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Lead Generation

Aug 10, 2022

In This Episode: 

Jess goes over the five biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in generating new leads for their incredible offers. There is a misconception that a bigger audience means you will have more leads but that big number does not matter if you are not focusing on what your audience needs. It also wont mater if you are not energetically or systematically ready to handle the amount of people you desire. Jess explains the difference between boosting and running ads and how your proven system or model comes first.

When you are not in launch you are building relationships with your audience. You are focused on building know, like, trust. Jess further explains that lead generation is similar to dating: without warming up your audience you cannot expect them to say yes to your offers. It is all about the valuable touch points that you have with your audience and validating that what you have is what they need and want. Some clients stay warm for years! Thus, you want to keep showing up and talking about your offers consistently. 

When we put the focus on building reltionships with our audience they will recognize you as the expert that you are, and they will automatically say yes to your offer even before you pop the question. Lead generation is only one part of the launch machine so stay tuned till the end of the episode to hear about a new masterclass offer covering even more of the pieces that go into having a successful launch. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Episode Quotes:

  • "Understand there is patience required when dating your audience. It's not pushing them to answer, it's how much time is needed for them to come to their own answer." 
  • "Stop being a meaning-making machine. If someone forgot to circle back with you, they didn't save your post or comment right away when you are offering something, it's your responsibility to stay in fron of their mind."


Key Timestamps:

  • [0:46] - Introduction of today's episode;
  • [1:45] - Mistake #1 - Thinking you need a bigger audience;
  • [6:00] - Mistake #2 - Paying for more audience members;
  • [9:25] - Mistake #3 - Diluting your capacity so you can be omnipresent;
  • [11:00] - Mistake #4 - Not warming up your audience;
  • [16:00] - Mistake #5 - Not following up;


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