05 | Celebrating the Business Evolution

Apr 26, 2022

In this special episode of The Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jessica welcomes 6 of her closest clients to talk about all things business, success mindset, how to increase income, and how to step out of our comfort zone to achieve unimaginable things. 

Andi, Brandi, Sandra, Mary, Tatiana, and Bridgitte are here today to teach, explain, and unfold all the secrets that made them build 6-Figures businesses. Each one with their individualities and expertise, these powerful women decided to transform a side hustle into something profitable, permanent, and enjoyable. At one point of their lives, they were struggling with finding confidence and a sense of independence, and thanks to Jess’ mentorship and guidance, they decided to be the creators of their lives, their businesses, and their personal success. Tune in to listen to the whole episode! And as always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quote

  • “We all know readiness is an illusion, readiness does not exist, readiness comes from confidence and confidence comes from action.” – Jessica DeRose  

Key Timestamps

  • [0:46] – Introduction of today’s episode;
  • [4:19] – Andi helps women heal from their past so they can live a fulfilled life;
  • [5:01] – Brandi is an expert in inspiring people to thrive in each season of life and biz;
  • [7:05] – Sandra helps women restore hormone balance by nourishing their bodies;
  • [8:05] – Mary has the keys to optimize your habits and generate more income;
  • [10:59] – Tatiana helps women move with no pain so they can enjoy training again;
  • [12:58] – Bridgitte runs a profitable business and helps you do the same;
  • [17:57] – Mentors, coaches, and people who open doors for us;
  • [25:12] – Sandra talks about her journey with entrepreneurship and motherhood;
  • [32:22] – Sandra says that there isn’t a perfect time to work on something;
  • [36:43] – Andy overcame self-doubt and believed in her potential;
  • [43:27] – Andy explains that in order to make it happen, we have to trust;
  • [46:28] – Brandi talks about her 96k initial launch;
  • [57:02] – Tatiana created an app and gives you easy tips to do the same; 
  • [1:01:47] – Tatiana explains her mindset when she finally took the leap;
  • [1:04:39] – Mary shares how far she has gone and how to get rid of ego;
  • [1:16:37] – Bridgitte explains her vision of her business;
  • [1:19:46] – Bridgitte talks about the importance of giving ourselves permission;
  • [1:32:14] – Raising money and investments
  • [1:34:50] – What if the imposter syndrome comes up?


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