010 | The Most Important Phase of Launch

May 05, 2022

In this episode of The Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess drops some practical advice for entrepreneurs to follow when it comes to a launch. Jess dissects the four phases of the launch process: the Pre-Pre Launch, the Pre-Launch, the Launch, and what Jess says is the most important, the Post-Launch.

Jess walks us through the post-launch and emphasizes that during this phase– numbers reign supreme. But, as Jess also notes, it is incredibly important to remember which numbers you are taking into consideration. We can have a successful launch as far as the amount of money we bring in, but if we solely focus on the hard-hitting metrics, we can quickly trade in our feelings of success for unworthiness.

Keeping our future clients in mind, Jess suggests several different metrics to take into account to get a better understanding of the story the numbers are trying to tell. While some may be difficult to measure– Impact, for example– they are worth bringing the team together to review in order to make the next launch even better.

Jess closes out the episode by reminding us that our clients deserve us taking the time to do a proper post-launch review. When we do so, it leads us and our business to scalability, sustainability, and profitability.

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quotes

  • “Allow the data and your metrics to tell a story without emotion.” –Jessica DeRose
  • “Just celebrate the heck out of your clients, the progress that you’re making, the growth that you’ve had, the impact that you’re making, and the fact that you get to do this.” –Jessica DeRose 

Key Timestamps

  • [0:46] – Introduction of today’s episode;
  • [0:50] – What goes into a launch;
  • [1:58] – The four phases of a launch;
  • [5:48] – Math is the path;
  • [7:31] – Using numbers to inform business decisions;
  • [9:48] – Even in the face of success, we can still feel unworthy;
  • [11:15] – Measuring growth to take action;
  • [15:00] – Other metrics to look for in your business;
  • [15:03] – General overview metric;
  • [16:39] – Opt-in/Free experience metric;
  • [18:40] – Sales metric;
  • [19:48] – Impact metric;
  • [24:58] – Jess’s reminders for launch;
  • [29:54] – Detach from the outcome;
  • [31:45] – Closing thoughts and what our future clients deserve

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