107 | How to Differentiate Yourself & Attract Customers on Social Media

Jun 09, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess explores the power of in-person interaction, video, and storytelling to create meaningful connections with an audience. It is so important to show up with emotion, avoiding generic greetings, and to use short-form videos to deepen the relationships you have with your people. 

The significance of showing your face, the benefits of affiliate marketing, and the emotional drivers of purchasing decisions are all so invaluable when it comes to connecting with your audience. This episode also features the book recommendation Why She Buys and Jess even has 8 simple story ideas you can use for anytime you don't know what to post on social media! Through it all, even in a saturated market, you can differentiate yourself and connect with your audience by focusing on quality, value, and customer experience.

 As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why using emotion and storytelling is important when communicating through video.  

  • Learn how one can make their content feel more personalized. 

  • Learn what is the best way to create relationships with people. 

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