011 | The Most Important Phase of Launch

Jun 10, 2022

In this pen and notepad-worthy episode of The Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess is talking about all things Instagram Stories. Jess kicks off the episode by talking about simple ways to improve our know, like, and trust factor with our audience such as not rambling, not getting caught up with what others think, and ways to improve our lighting. 

Channeling our inner Kardashians, Jess says that we should approach our Stories as an opportunity to be the “director, actor or actress, and the producer of our own reality TV show.” Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look, a glimpse, into the life of others– our audiences are no different. Setting the stage for our reality TV show via IG Stories, Jess gives six must-have items to resonate with our audience more effectively.

Bringing a bit of psychology into the mix, Jess’s first tip is to be intentional with your camera angle. Looking down at your camera can give off a lecture vibe– use it sparingly when you are trying to present yourself as an authority figure– otherwise, a little above eyebrow height is a good practice. Next, use the engagement features that IG has. Quizzes, polls, and questions create engagement; then, use the answers to develop your future content. Jess makes a note to keep your writing on the screen and boost your post by inserting some personality– a gif, sticker, filter, and even the font– all make for a more interesting experience. Finally, Jess ends her list with utilizing the location tag to boost your reach and to keep the value of your content in mind. 

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quotes

  • “Stop caring what other people think … If you mess up, you’re human.” –Jessica DeRose
  • “Instagram Stories are an incredible tool that we’ve had now for a few years that basically allows us to be the director, actor or actress, and the producer of our own reality TV show.” –Jessica DeRose


Key Timestamps

  • [0:46] – Introduction of today’s episode;
  • [1:40] – Instagram hacks and tips;
  • [1:55] – Don’t ramble in your Stories (posting just to post);
  • [3:18] – Caring too much about what others think causes paralysis of our progress;
  • [5:27] – The importance of good lighting;
  • [8:43] – Center of frame (rule of thirds);
  • [12:05] – Using IG Stories to establish know, like, and trust;
  • [24:48] – 6 IG Stories Must-Haves - first, camera angle;
  • [27:06] – Second must-have, engagement feature (quizzes, polls, questions);
  • [31:04] – Third must-have, Always have your writing on the screen;
  • [35:25] – Fourth must-have, Insert your personality (gifs, stickers, filters, etc.);
  • [38:49] – Fifth must-have, Utilize location tag;
  • [41:19] – Sixth must-have, Value;
  • [44:33] – Change it up, don’t use a script, and be human;
  • [45:00] – Closing thoughts 


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