147 | Rewriting Your Money Stories With former Corporate CFO Turned Entrepreneur Bridgette Boucha

Oct 27, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast we have Bridgette Boucha, who has had an incredible journey in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. Bridgitte started off her career in the corporate world as a CFO, but soon realized that she was stuck in a pattern of doing the same thing with different bosses, unable to bring her  brand and voice into her work. 

During today's conversation with Bridgette, we dive into her personal evolution, the importance of intentional decision-making, and her unique approach to financial strategy and money mindset. Bridgette shares her insights on how to navigate the complex world of finances and also opens up about her recent journey into authorship, and finding a beautiful dance between mindset and business. Together, Jess and Bridgette explore the power of rewiring our subconscious minds, the impact of our money stories, and the importance of aligning our financial strategies with our personal goals. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the importance of financial modeling for early stage companies 

  • Learn about the connections between one's money story and business growth and opportunities

  • Learn the importance of cash flow for operating a business


Key Timestamps

[7:14] – Transition from corporate to entrepreneurship and best selling author;

[20:04] – Discovering your unique style, voice and impact;

[29:46] – Evaluating cash flow and optimizing business sustainability;

[35:16] – From personal project to a book with clarity;

[44:04] – Money Queen;


Episode Quotes

  • “ I don’t want to abandon my skill set, I just want to repackage it and put out solutions into the world that feels good to me.” - Bridgette Boucha

  • “I want to give you permission to say that there is no revenue goal that's worth your peace, and just because it is for somebody else, that doesn't mean it's for you.” - Bridgette Boucha


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