149 | How to Turn Personal Challenges into Business Success

Nov 03, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess dives deep into the world of coaching and the evolution of one remarkable entrepreneur, Megan Yelaney. Join us as Megan and Jess discuss how to continue to show up in your business when life is throwing curve balls.  Megan is here to give us practical tools for mindset shifts necessary to get through any moment in life and for personal and business growth, as she embraces the vulnerability in sharing her story. 

Megan shares her own journey of navigating personal struggles while building a thriving business, the process of remodeling her business, and the lessons she has learned along the way. Get ready for an insightful and empowering conversation as we explore the power of authenticity, the importance of intentional changes, and the art of storytelling in today's ever-evolving digital landscape. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the importance of pausing and looking at what needs to change. 

  • Learn how to say the same things in entertaining ways on the ever changing platform of social media. 

  • Learn how to just tweak and adjust instead of starting from scratch. 


Key Timestamps

  • [5:41] – Keep going because your business is not meant to entertain you
  • [18:04] – How a step back from the camera presence 
  • [28:46] – Using effective storytelling to attract followers
  • [36:16] – Slight changes made leading to massive success
  • [48:04] – The beauty of overcoming what life throws at you


Episode Quotes

  • “You cannot identify with how much money you make. That is not your business. Your Business and you as a human and your worth is not how much you make.” -  Megan Yelaney

  • “People think if they are not currently doing something incredible that they did a year ago they can't reference that and you totally can! You can keep using that amazing story even if it's not your reality now. “ - Megan Yelaney


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