015 | The Power of In-Person Events

Jun 10, 2022

In this episode, Jess is talking all things related to the importance and impact of how attending in-person events can shape us as individuals, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Imagine walking into the auditorium for the first time of a conference you are attending. Do you hear the buzz of the crowd? The thumping of any music? Do you see vendor stalls that have groups of like-minded people that share your passion surrounding them? This is the palpable energy Jess brings to our attention first. An energy that is contagious and fuels your fire to commit to growth for you as a person and your business. This energy is the catalyst that propels you to meaningful conversations and connections.

When making these connections with other entrepreneurs, you are giving them and yourself an opportunity. It is an opportunity to be validated. Let’s face it, not everyone in our lives understands the roller coaster that is entrepreneurship. But, when you are in attendance at such events, you get to meet people that understand your struggles and know the importance of celebrating your wins. As Jess explains, everyone that is attending that live event has made an investment in themselves– they want those same conversations that force growth and change and drive out complacency.

Finally, Jess gives us a call to action. If you are craving an event and notice that it does not exist– go create it. Bring your idea to fruition and run with it.

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quotes

  • “There’s an intimate level of trust that happens when you are in the room with someone.” –Jessica DeRose
  • “Of course I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve gone through things. I’ve experienced things. I’m learning. I’m constantly evolving, and so my goal is to always be changing– to always be evolving.” –Jessica DeRose
  • “If the event that you’re craving does not exist– go create it.” –Jessica DeRose


Key Timestamps

  • [0:46] – Introduction of today’s episode;
  • [1:39] – The palpable energy in the room;
  • [2:23] – The conversations and partnerships that are organically created;
  • [5:56] – Certain people in your life may not be able to appreciate your struggles and wins in your business;
  • [6:55] – Live events can allow you to compartmentalize the people in your life to where your business dealings can be appreciated;
  • [7:05] – Certain people are not better or worse than others in your life, there’s neutrality;
  • [8:51] – If you have changed over the years, it’s a compliment;
  • [10:19] – Transition of building relationships from childhood to adulthood;
  • [14:37] – Jess’s example of Fit Trips;
  • [16:12] – You have to be your own advocate and invest in yourself;
  • [16:40] – Find an event that interests you and go;
  • [17:30] – Get on the text list and let Jess know what events you plan on attending


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