151 | Breaking Free From Expectations and Living Without Regrets With Dr. Megan Daley

Nov 10, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess is joined by Dr. Megan Daley, a doctor turned mindset and success coach. Meg shares her inspiring story of transitioning from a doctor of physical therapy to a coach who focuses on mindset and emotional health. Tune in as Meg discusses how her father's battle with lung cancer ignited her passion to help others live without regrets. 

With a mission to assist women in breaking free from expectations and finding fulfillment in male-dominated fields, Meg offers valuable insights on fear, mindset blocks, and the importance of deep diving into our fears to understand their roots. From setting boundaries to overcoming procrastination and embracing radical responsibility, Meg provides practical advice and personal anecdotes that will surely resonate with you.

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to overcome the fear and expectations that come with living in accordance with others. 

  • Learn why curiosity and self awareness play key roles in establishing boundaries. 

  • Learn why saying no is ok and explaining why can help others understand. 


Key Timestamps

  • [4:41] – Fear of expectations block personal growth
  • [15:56] – Gaining self awareness and taking leaps
  • [27:15] – Continually asking why reveals true entrepreneurial desires
  • [38:30] – Blending boundaries and the importance of strengthening relationships 
  • [48:04] – The journal to rediscover oneself  


Episode Quotes

  • “If you asked yourself to list all the things you loved, how long would it take to list yourself?” - Dr. Megan Daley

  • “All self awareness really comes down to is getting deeply curious and being willing to try and figure it out for you.” - Dr. Megan Daley


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