176 | Why Everyone Should Transition from 1 on 1 to Group Coaching to Increase their Income and Impact

Feb 16, 2024

In this episode of Digital Business Evolution, Jess shares a powerful personal story that led her to reconsider the impact of 1 on 1 coaching and services on her business. She reflects on a time when she was on the brink of burnout and realized that her 1 on 1 coaching model was not sustainable. 

Jess encourages listeners to assess whether the 1 on 1 model is holding them back and shares insightful questions to consider for those contemplating a shift to group coaching. This episode is an exploration of the potential benefits of a group coaching model and invites listeners to rethink their approach to coaching and services.

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to transition from 1 on 1 to group coaching. 

  • Learn about the limitations of 1 on 1 coaching. 

  • Learn how to get over the hesitations to transition to group coaching


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