178 | Personal Branding vs Business Branding for Your Business

Apr 05, 2024

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Jess is back with her FREE live coaching calls! That's right, these are powerful tidbits from live coaching that you can take a part of and ask questions for your business. For the full experience you can head on over to the official DBE YouTube Channel

In this segment today, Jess and guests discuss the importance of personal branding for business owners. They get into the decision of whether to brand a business with the owner's name or with a particular niche or offering. A second topic Jess talks about in this episode is the idea of offering free sessions to generate reviews and interest before officially launching a service. The guest seeks advice on navigating the early stages of launching a business, and the potential avenues for offering services, such as free sessions, beta pricing, or bartering.

Join us in as Jess provides valuable insights and thought-provoking perspectives on these two very important topics for your business. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the challenges and implications of being the face of a personal brand. 

  • Learn Strategies for offering free services to generate reviews and interest.

  • Learn about the Challenges and misconceptions around charging "what you're worth.”


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