019 | What's Your Coaching Superpower?

Jul 14, 2022

Why do some coaches effortlessly create content, show up with unimaginable confidence, and sell out every single offer? While others are on the hustle hamster sheel barely scatching the surface of what's possible?

By working with various types of clients and businesses she has recognized that there are 4 key coaching superpowers. When these powers are identified and harnessed people become the coaches that are admired in their industry. They effortlessly create binge worthy content and businesses that stand out.

Knowing YOUR coaching superpower is the first step in succeeding faster, decreasing overwhelm, and designing a life and business on your terms.

Coaches, Assemble! Grab your notebooks or open that notes app on your phone and get ready for a loaded episode today where Jess breaks down the four coaching superpowers!

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quotes

  • “Your business is a reflection of you and will only grow to the extent that you grow.” –Jessica DeRose
  • “Figuring this out could be the thing that you’re actually missing in your business. It could be the thing that's keeping you feeling stuck– it could be the thing that is why you’re not seeing the result you wish you were seeing.” –Jessica DeRose 


Key Timestamps

  • [1:43] –Episode starts;
  • [2:38] – Awareness is the key to figuring out what our superpower is and how to harness it;
  • [8:30] – It doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re in, anyone can benefit from knowing their superpower;
  • [9:28] – Jess divulges the different avatars: Dreamer, Innovator, Authority, Enthusiast;
  • [12:11] – This is not just a quiz for fun, there is depth and power when utilized correctly;
  • [14:10] – This awareness can help us from defaulting into our comfort zones/autopilot;
  • [17:16] – We can only grow what we can measure;
  • [18:14] – A more in-depth discussion about our blindspots;
  • [19:26] – The three A’s– the first being awareness;
  • [22:34] – Acceptance, accepting without judgment as-is;
  • [23:29] – Taking action that is aligned and messy;
  • [25:29] – Reviewing the 3 A’s and Superpowers;
  • [27:10] – Episode wrap-up and Take the Quiz!


Episode Resources

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  • What is your coaching superpower? Take the FREE 60-second quiz here: jessglazer.com/quiz


About Jessica DeRose

Jessica DeRose is an entrepreneur and business mentor, who helps coaches build profitable online businesses. After quitting her 8-year career as an elementary school teacher and creating a multiple 7-figure business herself, Jessica is here to unlock doors you didn’t even know existed.


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