204 | Automate to Dominate Your Business with Yvonne Heimann

May 24, 2024

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess is joined by Yvonne (Yvi) Heimann, a business efficiency consultant. Together Jess and Yvi get into a conversation that spans the fear of missing out on opportunities to reducing stress through time management techniques.  

Yvi dives into the role of project management systems, the value of automation, and the transformative impact of self-awareness and self-care in both personal and business growth. Don't miss out on the valuable insights and engaging discussion in this episode as Yvi shares her experiences, expertise, and vision for the future. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!


Key Take aways:

  • Importance of transitioning to a digital project management system as soon as one starts making money

  • Importance of self-awareness and self-care in personal growth

  • The importance of having a daily method of operation (DMO) for managing tasks and setting goals


Key Timestamps

[9:12] – Finding your natural gift and selling it.

[20:03] – Optimizing launches for efficiency.

[32:00] –  Setting boundaries is surprisingly empowering and sexy.

[42:46] – Embracing freedom by breaking morning routine rules.

[48:44] -  Transition to group coaching, mastermind, and automation.


Episode Quotes

  •  "A routine is nothing else than a habit, it is nothing else than automating the best way something runs.” - Yvonne Heimann


Episode Resources:


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Instagram: @Askyvi

Official Website: @Askyvi.com


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