31 | Understanding Why Business is Personal with Amanda Bucci

Nov 16, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast,  Jess sits down with close friend, previous coach and biz mentor,  Amanda Bucci,  to talk about where the line between business and personal intersects. Amanda shares how we can begin to trust ourselves more, because the truth is you don't have to be fully healed to start a business. 

Amanda goes into detail on how your business and your very own nervous system correlate. Business can activate a lot within the three different states of your nervous system. Ranging from feeling powerful, to depression or even feelings of being stuck. Tune in to learn the tools necessary to regulate yourself on this journey, as it can be one of the most profound things that one can do, not only in your business, but in your life too. 

Because let's remember business is personal! 

Key Takeaways:
• People who have the information have a responsibility to be aware to not play better than or less than because it discounts people from their intuition. We are all humans and know one knows anyone's life better than themselves. 
• You can do the business thing while taking care and trusting yourself. What are your needs on a basic human level? Start trusting yourself by meeting your own needs because it is all about self honoring. 
• Unhook from unhelpful, restricting narratives in the business industry such as getting to a certain point to validate yourself or being in a community of people doing things you are not in alignment with. 

Episode Resources:
• https://www.jessglazer.com/m6fl-masterclass
• Business Is Personal -- amandabucci.com/businessispersonal

Key Timestamps:
[09:00] – The process of discerning what you are going to say and how you are going to say it;
[14:55] – Being a student and being comfortable in the learning process;
[21:35] – The journey of trusting ourselves;
[44:24] – Get unhooked from recognition;
[56:30] – Discussing business is Personal;

Episode Quotes:
• “Extend the timeline you are giving yourself till you feel like you're an expert.” –Amanda Bucci
• “My practice for myself has been, what's the intention behind me saying this? Does saying this help a lot of people? Will some people misinterpret this? Probably? Is the ROI worth it for me to say this to other people?” –Amanda Bucci
• “Are you truly in it for the impact or are you in it for significance? –Jessica Derose

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