33 | Reimagine Business, Fast Track Your Life, and Redesign Your Freedom with Jodie Cook

Nov 16, 2022

Jodie is an entrepreneur, author, and athlete on a mission to see what she is capable of and help others do the same.
Jodie writes about how to run a business without it running you, how to live an extraordinary life while running a business, and how to bring the best version of yourself every single day.

A born entrepreneur, Jodie opens our conversation by describing the passion and dedication with which she tackles every challenge that shows up in her life, whether it be the opportunity to compete as a powerlifter for the first time after having only done the sport recreationally, or making the decision to sell her digital agency a decade after its founding.

Listen in as Jodie gives her thoughts on finding the right balance between hustle and relaxation as an entrepreneur, getting crystal clear on your flagship product or service, and how the right strategy can help you reinvent your career in ten years.

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:
• It’s normal for entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed by the amount of exciting ideas that pop into our heads regularly. It helps to always have a small journal on which you can write down every idea that comes your way, file it away, and trust that if opportunity comes, you’ll always have your journal to refer to. But avoid multitasking at all costs!

• The Ten Year Career framework is a really useful way to map the journey of entrepreneurship so that you have a bird’s-eye-view of the entire road to success. Its four stages are: execute, systemize, scrutinize, and exit.
• A lot of business owners fall into the trap of selling customers what they want to sell them, and not what the customer actually wants to buy. Your customer will tell you what they want, and your job is to create it for them.

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• Get Jodie’s new book, Ten Year Career and its companion course here: tenyearcareer.com

Key Timestamps
[03:32] – Rapid-fire questions;
[14:35] – The Ten Year Career Framework;
[24:26] – An exercise to help you determine much your dream life will cost you;
[28:28] – Deciding on your flagship offer;
[35:10] – About Jodie’s new book Ten Year Career.

Episode Quotes
• “Filter the advice you receive and don’t always take things onboard. It’s so easy to follow what everybody else tells you to do. But I think it’s more important to have your own filters in place so that you don’t blindly follow everything that you hear.” –Jodie Cook
• “I’m really big on doing less and doing it better.” –Jodie Cook

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