34 | Why We No Longer Do Date Night

Nov 16, 2022

In this “Mike Drop” edition of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Mike and Jess discuss why they don’t do date nights. Discover the 4 biggest reasons why every day is essentially date night for this visionary couple as both give themselves permission to do things their way by shutting out the noise of what everyone else thinks is right. The best things come from knowing yourself and doing what makes you happy and for Jess and Mike’s relationship that includes their lives and business as one.  

Key Takeaways 
• Mike feels he has more control of his day to day life which has led to being more productive 
• If the ego is telling you to do something, do something else that makes you happy
• Permission to get  rid of the morning checklist 
• By not compartmentalizing your relationship,  it gives your permission to dream bigger
• Including your partner in everyday life alleviates pressures to always have date night 

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