37 | Learning How to Give Yourself Permission to Pivot with Angela Gargano

Nov 16, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Jess sits down with her friend Angela Gargano who is an athlete, international fitness model, coach and speaker. From being a biochemist, owning her own gym, and competing in American Ninja Warrior a total of 4 times, we get to learn all about Angela's incredible story of persistence, resilience and what it truly means to pivot when things are no longer serving you in your life.

Learn about pitching yourself and what it means to bring value to not only the business you are getting involved with but also, the audience. Learn how to balance sharing your personal life and struggles on social media to build better connections with your followers and, most importantly, inspire them. Throughout the episode Jess and Angela talk in depth about pivoting and how it's about you evolving as you go through even the toughest setbacks in your life. When we are evolving we get to celebrate ourselves as we release things that no longer serve us to walk faster and fly higher.  

Key Takeaways:
• There is a big misconception where most think that all you have to do is show up on social media as the best version of yourself but having a business is having a business machine. In your business machine you have different departments and at one point you can be wearing all the hats for all of these departments. You will have to learn and take on so many roles to keep your business going. 
• Become valuable to people before asking for things. Never fully ask but remain in someone's radar and show them how you can help. When you pitch yourself, keep in mind it's a business! So, ask yourself, what value can you bring to their business? And more importantly what value can you bring to the audience. 
• Pivoting, changing your mind and living multiple lives is not you failing or quitting but rather it's you evolving. 

Episode Resources
• Official Angela Gargano Website --  https://www.angela-gargano.com
• Want me to coach you over text? Text me on Tuesdays at 973-358-7836. 

Key Timestamps
[07:18] – Persisting when life gives you no’s;
[13:46] – The American Ninja Warrior Journey;
[25:43] – How to Pitch Yourself;
[33:00] – Permission to Evolve;
[42:45] – Don’t Create on Social Media, Document on Social Media;

Episode Quotes
• “The only way they are going to see you is by you putting yourself in front of them. No one is coming to see you, no one is coming to find you. Don't wait! Eventually they will notice you. .” –Angela Gargano
• “We want to push people but they have to go through the journey on their own and sometimes it takes them having to sit in their own shit.”–Angela Gargano

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