40 | Learn to Repurpose Content for all Social Media Platforms

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, we get to listen in on a value packed live that Jess recorded in her free exclusive facebook community for coaches and entrepreneurs. The information given during this live was too good to not share with the rest of the world as Jess talks about repurposing content across all social media platforms. Jess has gone through trials and errors, learning how and where to repurpose content and now we get to take in her years of experience. The intention of this training is to show you how you can be more present across the social media landscape without having to do more work. Learn about why all value has content, learn how each platform works in putting out content while keeping in mind your audience on each platform and much more. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:.

  • Your content might be educational one day, funny the next, or thought provoking right after. So let's stop putting pressure on ourselves thinking all our content has to be educational. 
  • Social media platforms require different styles of content because we the people have told each platform how we like to consume. Repurposing content is taking your content, taking your concept, your message and putting it in front of the consumer in the way that that platform desires to consume.  
  • Be mindful of your audience because they might follow you on multiple platforms and you don't want to lose them by posting the same things, the same way across all social media platforms. 

Episode Quotes

  • “All content has value. Broccoli is nutritious, it has vitamins, minerals, fiber, and cookies are delicious and are a comfort food; both have value, we need different things at different times for different reasons.  .” –Jessica DeRose
  • “ When we get pissed off, remember we are the ones who decided we like reels so it's our fault; the consumers. These platforms are based on how we act, based on what we consume, and tell the world what we want more of.” –Jessica DeRose

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