41 | Healing and Connecting through Vulnerability with Kelly Chase

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, we get to find out what it's like to become an overnight celebrity and learn about the pressures that come with such status; all the while, dealing with an identity crisis as your ego goes to war with your spiritual self. Jess sits down today with Kelly Chase from the hit Netflix Series “Love is Blind”. Kelly unpacks her journey and talks about feelings of being stuck and doing the same dance for years before taking action to change her life!    

Discover how fame does not always equate to an easy route to success and that having a high number of followers on social media does not equal revenue. Kelly gets vulnerable in this episode going into details about feelings of jealousy over her costars, not feeling worthy of love, how her business transitioned without her and even going back to her 9-5 career job. Wrapping up the show Jess and Kelly talk about showing up on bad days, and being vulnerable with that truth. 

Key Takeaways:

  • All it takes is one person to change the trajectory of your life and that's one of the biggest powers that social media has. 
  • A huge following does not equate to revenue, as more followers can hurt you because of how the algorithm works if they are not engaged with your business offerings. 
  • When it comes to being more vulnerable on social media ask yourself: What is the intention behind this? What is the audience going to get out of this? And if it's too early to share with an audience as it can also hurt them; but on the flip side, sometimes sharing sooner can help you heal faster and connect you more with people. 

Key Timestamps

[06:40] – Angel man and Love is Blind;

[14:32] – Being portrayed on TV;

[22:00] – The pressures of overnight celebrity status;

[29:50] – Identity crisis;

[35:00] – How to get over the feeling of vulnerability on social media;

Episode Quotes

  • “He offered you these different tools, he was showing you these different ways and that's just so incredible because that's the power we have on social media; that's what we get to do with each other.” - Jessica Derose
  • “If you are not sharing parts of your story, you are not just doing a disservice to your audience, you're doing a disservice to yourself because when you release you are healing parts of you too.” - Kelly Chase
  • “We are all influencers at the end of the day.” - Kelly Chase

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