46 | Understanding the Essentials of Hiring With Jackie Koch

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, you get to learn all about hiring for your business with Jackie Koch. Jackie is a one stop shop with anything relating to HR and hiring. With her 15 years of experience in building teams for fortune 500 companies, Jackie goes into details about why hiring is one of the key components to scaling your business. Hiring is one of those situations in business where you get to do deep ego work as you let go of things to free up time, energy and maximize what you and your team have to offer. 

There is a misconception that you have to hire someone to have comfortable conversations with and that they have to be similar to you; the reality is you want people that can plug the holes you are not great at. Ask yourself what your company's core values are and use those as a basis to hire the right candidates. And to those that feel like they aren't ready to hire someone or are scared, Jackie shares that hiring is all about jumping in and learning as you go. 

Key Takeaways:

  • If you think you can do it all and are the only person that can do things for your business that might be the case; however, there might be a better way and you're just not seeing it because you are not open to receiving it. Hiring can add new ideas to your business, diverse way of thinking and new offerings. Ask yourself will you be happy in 5 years? Because if things don't change then they won't change. 
  • There is a big difference between someone being a good personality fit and someone being a good fit that has the same core values as your business. You need to get clear on 3 to 5 things your company stands for because you can teach most skills but you can't teach stuff like curiosity and core values that light up your business. 
  • Most people don't need to hire an assistant. In your business, think about the things that can be outsourced like social media and hire an expert. Oftentimes hiring an assistant can be more work because they are usually entry level. Start with a part time and delegate to free up time to do the more important things your business might need. 

Key Timestamps

[04:45] – A better way by letting go;

[10:30] – Personality fit vs company core values;

[16:45] – The best way to write a job description;

[30:30] – You know you need to hire but….;

[41:00] – Key differences between a contractor and an employee;

Episode Quotes

  • “ You’re copying and pasting old school job descriptions into Indeed and wondering why you're not getting job applicants or the right ones and it's because there's nothing exciting about it. The right people are not being inspired by what you wrote .” - Jackie Koch
  • “You signed up for this, this is a great problem to have. If you are going to scale your business and be a very successful entrepreneur you have to learn how to hire a team.”  . - Jackie Koch
  • “We are hiring for where we are going, not where we are at..” - Jessica DeRose 

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