52 | Self-Trust, Staying Power, and the Skill of Scaling With Jill Coleman

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast Jess is joined by Jill Coleman who is the founder of JillFit and the creator of The #Moderation365 Method. Over the last decade as an online business coach, Jill has helped thousands of health, fitness and nutrition professionals start and grow their online coaching businesses and generate over 6M in sales. Learn today from Jill's specialties as she dives into personal branding, self trust, and staying power.

Tune in to learn how to earn the right to pivot in your business, how to grow and scale your business and how to create the impact as you mature as a business owner!!

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • The best time to mess up is when you are getting started. Allow yourself to get repetitions in the beginning because it's the smallest your audience is ever going to be! Start unlearning the perfectionist mentality because through reps you can start approaching a more perfect approach. It's all about delayed gratification as you keep trying over and over.  
  • When it comes to staying power the best thing about it is your audience power, it's your fans,the community, the people who want to open your emails and communicate with you. When you build your community it stays for a long time. Once you gain this trust you can also pivot if you choose to do so because if you have given them a win in one area of their life they will follow you for another! 
  • Scaling a business is like learning a new skill. It will be messy as you all learn as a team but you will mature as a business owner. Not everyone needs to scale and scaling is not all about making more money as that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Key Timestamps

[12:02] – The best time to mess up is in the beginning;

[17:36] – Staying power;

[29:45] – Earning the right to pivot;

[39:00] – Scaling your business;

[44:46] – Lifestyle as marketing;

Episode Quotes

  • “The best thing about a personal brand is that you are able to honor who you are. And I think that the most fulfilling  part of this is that you get to show up as you and your authenticity is your compliance tool ” - Jill Coleman
  • “Dont assume that every year your business has to grow, especially if you are going through something in your personal life.” - Jill Coleman
  • “The people I see with the 7-figure business are not showing their bank accounts, they are saying, what is the impact that I am making? How many lives am I touching? And I think for me that's been the thing that has lifted me up the most because when your clients win that's all you need.” - Jill Coleman

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    • Everything you need to know about the moderation365 program with Jill Coleman: @moderation365
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