53 | Truth Behind The Camera (Part 1)

Nov 22, 2022

Truth Behind The Camera is a 3 part series about connecting the dots between life and business but also bringing awareness to a very personal and emotional topic. Jess strives to be fully transparent with her audience and that's why there is a TRIGGER WARNING for this first part in the series. Listener discretion is advised as medical details are mentioned and can be uncomfortable for some audiences. The purpose for sharing this series is multilayered; bringing awareness to an often “not talked about in public” topic, creating a safe and open space to be on our own journeys of healing, and to hopefully allow others to not feel alone in whatever they may be navigating. 

Jess and Mike sit down today to talk about their experience with an ectopic pregnancy and what that meant for not only their business, but their lives. This series has a tone of “giving yourself permission” and while we don’t NEED validation from others, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded. During part 1, Jess and Mike shine a light on how this experience showed current business model leaks and holes; as well as strengths. As Jess will discuss, she’s been living in a quentisional “instagram vs reality” and this episode will begin to unpack what that actually means and how you can apply it to your life and business. 

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