58 | Receiving and Reenergizing with Mastermind Retreats ft. 6 Client stories

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast Jess is joined by the amazing group of ladies who were just recently at the Digital Business Evolution weekend mastermind retreat in Scottsdale. All of these girls are sharing their stories, their businesses, their expertise and their magic after coming out of being in the room together. Themes of transformation, receiving, being seen and heard and having a community electrify this episode as there aren't enough words to truly describe the experience this group had. 

There is so much to be had from this episode as each person brings different values and experiences to the table about what the true magic is behind being in a mastermind container. Tune in to learn why you would even put yourself in these rooms when you might already know what is said to be offered. The room is an unspoken agreement where everyone is there for each other to help each other grow and be heard. Everything you need is in the room or just an introduction away. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • As an entrepreneur you are constantly giving away your time, and your energy but investing in yourself and being in a mastermind group is a way to shamelessly receive. Being in the room with this community is about surrendering, just being in the moment, being seen and being heard. 
  • Being in these containers is about allowing things to come up and acknowledging it and holding compassion for yourself. It is hard to face yourself and your fears but know you are not alone and that you are worth it. You are also worthy enough to stand in the rooms with these people. 
  • One of the biggest keys is that the return on investment for these masterminds are not immediate. You don't walk away with a physical prize but rather with a new found energy for not only your business but your overall life as well. 

Key Timestamps

[06:00] – Why put yourself in a master mind or coaching container;

[11:48] – Of course you belong, of course you are enough;

[22:25] – Long term mentorship;

[31:29] – Family, spouses and investing in yourself;

[50:25] – How to find the right mastermind for you;

Episode Quotes

  • “It is imperative that you continue to do the things that you are asking of your clients  to practice what you preach because it's one thing to know but it's another thing to do.” - Stormy Barbara
  • “Get to the root of your fear because no matter what stage of the game you are at, it's always going to be there.” - Stormy Barbara
  • “It is not a matter of if you will fail because you will make the mistake….it is a matter of can you trust yourself enough to learn the skill sets and tools to be able to show yourself that you can do this.” - Shannon Buruchian

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