59 | How to Choose the Best Mastermind for You

Nov 22, 2022

In this “Mike Drop” edition of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Mike and Jess discuss what they think about or ask themselves when they are choosing a mastermind. Some of the things talked about in this episode are asking yourself will this room and investment stretch you? Is the person hosting the event in a place where you want to be and do they have the ability to get you there? What type of value can you add to this room because when you're receiving it's also important to do the giving. 

Jess has noted that the most successful entrepreneurs are not waiting to make decisions when they get to where they want to go; but are actually, creating and making decisions from where they are right now for where they want to go!  It can be hard to make these decisions and feelings of not belonging or financial struggles can come up which lead to people feeling uncomfortable; the key however, is to feel uncomfortable to grow or else you will stay where you are. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways 

  • The biggest return on investments you get are not tangible items you walk away with in your hands.The biggest takeaways are the networks you build and the experiences you have! 
  • The reason it's called a mastermind is because you have all these amazing people in one room so of course amazing things will come out of them. 
  • Remember that you are also in these rooms to provide value. How can you help someone? How can you connect people? You have been selected for the mastermind because people believe you can add value as well!

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