60 | The Science of Invitational Marketing with Josh Coats

Nov 30, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Jess is joined by a #1 best selling author and founder of the PUSH Coach certification school, Josh Coats. After growing up in a very religious household, Josh has specialized in taking the psychology of life coaching and turned it into business based trainings that helps his clients to create the results they want in life and business. 

Initially giving himself 5 years to learn and apply everything that he learned about life coaching, his mindset and journey is the perfect example of how reaching your goals takes time while using proper techniques. Throughout his time learning and growing he created and coined The Belief Bridge which is a roadmap on how to use sociology to connect with your most ideal clients. Learn today about essentially changing the sign on your door to get people to open it and how to reprogram your beliefs using the voice of your heart instead of your mind. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • It takes more than just showing up to accomplish a lot of things. It takes a long time to reach your goals let alone rewire your brain, so it is important to remember to do the right things consistently over time because if you keep doing something wrong it won't matter. 
  • It's all about better messaging! It has to feel different. It has to make your clients feel like they have a brand new opportunity and allow people to believe that the last 10 times they tried and failed was not their fault. 
  • Self awareness is everything. If you don't know what's happening how can you change anything? 

Key Timestamps

[14:38] – Reframing the time it takes;

[18:37] – The belief bridge;

[24:30] – Solving for X;

[36:21] – Better messaging;

[40:21] – Head Vs The Heart

Episode Quotes

  • “If I don't know what's next, I just need to dig into myself to become a better version of me to prepare myself for whatever is next.” - Josh Coats
  • “If you put in enough time, eventually it becomes your new normal but for it to become your new normal you have to put in the time it takes.” - Josh Coats
  • “We are chasing all of these things to try and create more noise. We are trying to do interruption marketing when we could be doing invitational marketing.” - Josh Coats

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