66 | Overcoming Business Mindset Blocks with Della & Reese

Dec 15, 2022

On this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast Jess is joined by not 1 but 2 very special guests who are partners in life and business. Della and Reese are the co-founders of the Conscious Coaching Collective, and together they guide women on the path to deepening their relationship with themselves so that they can feel good and improve their mental health.

Della is a trained therapist with 8+ years of experience in psychology and mental health, with a focus on self-love and human behavior. Reese is a mindset coach with 8+ years of experience as a fitness professional helping others achieve both physical and mental wellness goals. Now Reese strictly specializes in mental wellness as she guides her clients through uncovering mental blocks so they can take bold action. Collectively, their mission is to help women find unconditional love support from within.

If you are someone who has dabbled in personal growth and business or thinking about getting into either or then this is definitely an episode to lean in for. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the relationship between entrepreneurship and mental health..
  • Learn about a 2 part framework to deepen your relationship with yourself. 
  • Learn about tools to use when going through things like comparing and feeling like you are good enough. 

Key Timestamps

  • [6:40] – What is compassion and discipline;
  • [16:32] – Motivation is not real;
  • [30:04] – How to continue even when you don't feel like it;
  • [37:50] – Are you running or are you hiding;
  • [43:34] – Getting to the core of your beliefs;

Episode Quotes

  • “The more you do the things that are supposed to get done….doing those things becomes a reward because you start to feel really good about honoring the word to yourself.” - Reese
  • “So many of us create shame around comparing because we don't speak into it. But the power of speaking into things is that you start to see that you are not alone and that this is all normal.”  - Della

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