75 | How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Scale Your Business With Bridgitte Mallinson

Jan 20, 2023


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In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast Jess sits down with Bridgitte Carroll Mallinson. Bridgitte is a functional dietitian specializing in gut health, a business coach,  and the founder of GutPersonal Supplements. After healing herself and a decade of studying functional medicine and nutrition and healing hundreds of women, she realized even women who eat super healthy, have a lot of gut issues. She started a gut health coaching company in June 2020 which skyrocketed to reach $1million in sales in 16 months! With that success, she focused on business coaching in 2021 before launching her personalized line of gut health supplements, GutPersonal. GutPersonal is not only female founded but also female FUNDED and operated. 

Learn today all about affiliate programs: what is a good affiliate program, how to be a good affiliate, and what are the key components in running an affiliate program. Jess and Bridgitte also talk today about building a community, and the mindset shifts behind having affiliates for your programs and paying them afterwards. 

As always, cheers to your evolution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what exactly is affiliate marketing. 
  • Learn how important it is to warm up your audience. 
  • Learn why using affiliates is good for your business! 

Key Timestamps

  • [3:46] – How to take action!;
  • [13:00] – What is affiliate marketing;
  • [19:18] – Why you should become an affiliate;
  • [23:18] – Building a community;
  • [35:46] – Mindset shift to raise capital;

Episode Quotes

  • “I think belief in whatever you are selling is most important. Whether you are selling your own product or whether you are selling someone else’s, people can feel the energy when you show up to sell it.” - Bridgitte Mallinson
  • “When we have 5,000 instagram followers, but we have 200 affiliates, think about how small in comparison we are with our 1 account and who we can reach, to having affiliates with the exponential growth they bring with their audience. ” - Bridgitte Mallinson

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