79 | Building Wealth Habits with Candy Valentino

Feb 03, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast Jess sits down with Candy Valentino to talk about all things wealth. Candy Valentino started her business at 19 years old with no degree, no corporate background, no money, and no internet.  She started, scaled, and successfully sold businesses in service, retail, e-commerce, and product manufacturing in addition to creating a vast real estate portfolio as a flipper and investor.

Leveraging her 24 years of experience amassed from creating successful businesses in multiple industries, Candy created Founders Organization. Focusing on business development and entrepreneur education, Founders Organization supports entrepreneurs in their pursuit of growth, scale and profit in their businesses. Candy also recently released her first book of a multi-book series, WEALTH HABITS – 6 Ordinary Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Freedom.

Listen in today and learn all about what the true definition of what wealth is, different types of incomes, investing, debt, and how to get recession proof. As Candy puts it, it's not just think and get rich, you have to do and put in the work to have a rich life. The difference with Candy’s approach to wealth is that she makes all of these wealth concepts so tangible and easy to understand because anyone can build wealth as it is here for you too.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why wealth is here for you too and how to create assets! 
  • Learn about not working for money and spending it but rather working for it, investing it, and then spending.
  • Learn all about getting rid of bad debt and becoming recession proof. 


Key Timestamps

  • [4:52] – What is the definition of wealth;
  • [12:43] – Different types of income;
  • [18:38] – Investing even if you don't make much money;
  • [32:40] – It's all about the long game;
  • [41:15] – How to be Recession Proof;


Episode Quotes

  • “What do you want your life to look like? The most important part for people to understand is if you don't develop that concept and understanding, you will eventually trade time for money for the rest of your life.” - Candy Valentino 
  • “The question is what are you willing to say no to now so that you can say yes to anything later?” - Candy Valentino

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