93 | The 4 Pillars of Personal Branding with Marina Middleton

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess is talking all about personal branding with the one and only Marina Middleton. Marina is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and podcast host solely committed to helping women build their personal brand. She is the founder of Empower Confidence which is a personal brand agency. Empower confidence teaches current and future female leaders how to leverage their stories and authenticity to build stronger brands and, most importantly, communities. 

Today Marina takes us through the 4 Pillars of personal branding and how branding is more than the visual identity of who you are and what your brand looks like. Branding is all about the feeling someone gets with you when you are around and when you are not around. Personal branding doesn't start with paid ads or getting in front of as many people as possible; it starts with the human behind the brand, which is you! Learn how to figure out what you want to be known for so it can fuel your content and sell your products. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the difference between broadcasting and actually being vulnerable. 

  • Learn about giving yourself permission to evolve and change. 

  • Learn about the 4 pillars of branding to set up your business for success. 

Key Timestamps

  • [3:12] – How do you see branding;
  • [11:46] – Is it clarity first or serving clients for feedback;
  • [22:12] – Broadcasting vs Vulnerability;
  • [29:44] – Pillar of branding #1 - The human behind the brand;
  • [35:05] – Pillar of branding #2 - Brand;
  • [37:21] – Pillar of branding #3 and #4 - Business and marketing. ;

Episode Quotes

  • “Personal branding is not just so you have this personal reputation,  but to also provide value and make a difference.” - Marina Middleton 

  • “Marketing just means that you are connecting with someone else.” - Marina Middleton

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