94 | How to Get Over the Fear of Showing Up on Social Media

Mar 30, 2023

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution Podcast, Jess is going over one of the most common questions asked by audiences and her clients which is, how to get over the fear of showing up on social media.  It is completely normal to feel nervous about social media whether it's because of feelings of rejection, not knowing what to say or fear of spending so much time on it that it starts to take over your life! 

Today Jess splits it down the middle and gives both tactical and mindset tools to help anyone get over their fear of getting on social media for their business. When it comes down to it, it's about changing your mindset behind certain things about social media and constantly getting out there to build confidence. Lets face it, it is 2023 and if you are not using social media then you are missing a massive opportunity to not only grow your business but to build a community and make maximum impact. 

As always, cheers to your evolution!

Key Takeaways:.

  • Learn how to keep showing up on social media and build confidence. 

  • Learn how to stop making it about you and how to make it about the client! 

  • Learn how to change your relationship with social media and get over rejection. 

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