017 | Turning Your Book Dreams Into Reality with Jake Kelfer

Jul 14, 2022

If you have ever had the dream to write your own book, then this is the episode for you. Jess is talking to bestselling author and lifestyle entrepreneur, Jake Kelfer. As Jake reiterates throughout the episode, his mission is to help anyone he works with to turn their dreams into reality. Perhaps you want to write a book to give your business a boost of credibility, this episode is full of fun and bite-size pieces of advice that you can implement as soon as possible and turn that book idea into a book reality.

Jake’s answers can certainly be an inspiration for anyone even remotely toying with the idea of becoming an author. His message is clear: don’t wait for your dreams to happen, your book will provide you with instant credibility, and you will inspire thousands of people.

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Episode Quotes

  • “No matter how prepared you are, no matter how good you are, some things are going to be out of your control and you’re going to have to figure out how to adapt.” –Jake Kelfer
  • “People want books that just inspire them and speak to them. They want you. People want your voice and your authenticity.” –Jake Kelfer


Key Timestamps

  • [1:43] – Introduction of today’s episode and to guest, Jake Kelfer;
  • [3:03] – Rapid fire question session with Jess and Jake;
  • [6:23] – Talking about Jake’s journey and how he got to where he is;
  • [8:47] – An aha! moment for Jake, “How do I impact people to the level where they’re willing to invest in themselves to create a memory that will last a lifetime?”;
  • [9:20] – Release of Jake’s first book, Elevate Beyond;
  • [19:30] – Jake realized the reason behind his success was his network of relationships, leads to second book– Elevate Your Network;
  • [21:50] – Jake joins Elevate with Jess and leads him to becoming a coach for aspiring authors;
  • [33:17] – The different types of books to write for your business;
  • [36:05] – Be intentional with Book Time on your calendar and find an accountability partner;
  • [39:15] – Jess’s question: Can you really write a book in an hour a day?;
  • [45:31] – Jake’s words of wisdom for those that find themselves overwhelmed by writing a book;
  • [50:29] – The three things writing a book could do for your business;
  • [55:00] – Episode wrap-up and Jakes next personal and business evolutions


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About Jake Kelfer

Jake Kelfer is a lifestyle entrepreneur, life elevator, and coach to ambitious entrepreneurs and freedom seekers helping people write and launch bestselling books. He is a 3x bestselling author, a high-energy motivational speaker, investor, and the founder of the Professional Basketball Combine which has helped 70+ NBA draft prospects turn their dreams of playing pro basketball into their reality. He and his work have been featured on Forbes, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and many other major media outlets. Connect with Jake on social @jakekelfer!


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Instagram: @jakekelfer

Website: https://www.jakekelfer.com/


About Jessica DeRose

Jessica DeRose is an entrepreneur and business mentor, who helps coaches build profitable online businesses. After quitting her 8-year career as an elementary school teacher and creating a multiple 7-figure business herself, Jessica is here to unlock doors you didn’t even know existed.


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