Jessica DeRose, Jess Glazer

01 | From Teacher to CEO: How it All Began

Mar 01, 2022

In the episode today, you will hear Jessica DeRose, formerly known as Jess Glazer, share her story of how she left her teaching job and turned her cute side hustle into a thriving multiple 7 figure business. Today at Digital Business Evolution, where Jessica is the Founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), she has helped her clients create over 11 million dollars in revenue and 9 millionaires!  What it took for Jessica to realize her purpose happened through many different paths. Some may say, she was even passion chasing and at times they even looked like failures, but then eventually turned into massive possibilities. 

Jessica will help you realize that the path to purpose is not always linear and that failure is a necessary step before growth and limitless possibilities. 

As Jessica shares her story, her hope is that you too will learn that your worthiness is not in your accomplishments or your accolades but instead, lies in your being. And that building a business that is sustainable and scalable should be fun along the way. Learning that those around you who have accomplished what you desire are “expanders” for you and that they can help to see what is truly possible in your own life as well. 

She reminds you that life is on the other side of taking risks, untapped potential and unlocking that potential and living a more fulfilled life. And sometimes the current life we are living does not allow that potential to be unlocked and we can get comfortable in the uncomfortable. 

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  • [04:32] My Backstory: Get to know me better

  •  [07:51] The purpose of this podcast

  •  [12:50 How I ended up in the fashion industry

  •  [13:37] My job at one of the districts in New Jersey

  •  [15:36] My participation in bodybuilding competitions

  •  [16:33] My involvement in content marketing

  •  [18:27] Fit Trips (Friendship inspired training)

  •  [22:32] My turn around point: How I made a bold decision to leave my teaching job



  • “I truly believe that we're always evolving. If we’re not evolving, if we’re not growing in nature, we are dying.”

  •  “I know that the only place that I grow is outside of my comfort zone.”

  •  “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards and you have to trust that they’ll appear.”- Steve Jobs 

  •  “I knew there was another level that needed to be unlocked. There was no way that I could unlock that door living in the container I was living in.”

  •  “Whether you win or lose. You’re always winning. It’s a game and you get to write the rules.”