021 | Mastering the Art of Evolution with Aisha Marshall

Jul 14, 2022

You will smile your way through as Jess is catching up with a friend, Aisha Marshall, and dropping some major value while they are at it. This episode ranges from the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, what makes an effective leader, and how to recognize to make a pivot in business– or to evolve it.

From being featured in “Forbes 30 under 30,” Aisha knows what it takes to make a business successful. A big part of that success is effective leadership. The other side of that success comes from an innate sense of integrity and emotional intelligence– knowing that success should not compromise us from doing what is right. Which brought Aisha to a pivotal moment of closing that four-year-long business.

But with every end comes a new beginning. Cue Ross Geller’s “Pivot!” Aisha launched her jewelry line Whxte and has once again found success. As the episode wraps up, Jess and Aisha talk about what Aisha’s focus is for now and what she looks forward to in the future.

As always, cheers to your evolution! 


Key Takeaways:

  • Life will take us through many pivots, or evolutions, but to come out victorious we have to be able to gain wisdom and emotional intelligence through each phase of our evolutions.
  • We may hold different leadership roles throughout our career, but that does not mean we know how to be effective leaders.
  • There are different layers of leadership that people do not realize. It takes great communication, compassion, the ability to have difficult conversations, and ultimately, a sense of trust in your people to do their jobs effectively.


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Key Timestamps

  • [10:00] – The difference between good leaders and great leaders;
  • [10:50] – We’re all influencers, creators and marketers, but it is a whole different ballgame to be a leader;
  • [15:05] – There are many layers of effective leadership like communication, compassion, integrity, etc.;
  • [22:08] – In business or in life, how do you know when it is time for one chapter to end?;
  • [34:33] – How Aisha started a new business venture and knew it was time to do so;
  • [44:38] – Rapid fire questions with Aisha;


Episode Quotes

  • “There's a lot of dirty work that you just have to do in the weeds on yourself, and have more emotional intelligence than maybe you had the day before everyday-- to pivot and get to a place where you feel really good.” –Aisha Marshall
  • “Leadership is knowing and understanding your people.” –Jessica DeRose

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