44 | Optimizing Your Life with Brett Eaton

Nov 22, 2022

In this episode of the Digital Business Evolution podcast, Jess sits down with Brett Eaton. Brett Eaton is a life optimization coach, speaker, author, owner and founder of “The Better You Blueprint Coaching Program” and co-host of “The Better You Blueprint” Podcast. This episode is packed to the brim with golden nuggets about equipping  yourself to better handle challenges, and what it means to be a high performer. Being a high performer is about holding yourself to a higher standard and being willing to set routines and schedules around it so that you can be your best on a consistent basis. 

Learn today about the landmines that are blowing up your weeks,  that you yourself may have set up and how planning just a few days ahead will help prevent these explosions. Brett unpacks his ABC method on confidence and goes into details on how many of us think we will get confidence when we get to a certain destination; but the reality is, confidence comes from action! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t forget to bring fulfillment along the journey with you. Implement fulfillment every step of the way and ask yourself: Are you showing up to your job with it? Are you showing up to your relationships with it? Make sure you are chasing your own version of greatness and not what's on social media or anyone else's version because it's got to be a destination you want to get to, not because you feel like you are supposed to be there. 
  • Things will come up that we have no control over but these give us opportunities to build resilience for the next time it happens and it also reminds us that we are not as important as we think we are. Different people have different challenges and it's about using the opportunity hidden in these challenges. 
  • The biggest difference between a high performer and someone who is not a high performer is that they have a higher expectation of themselves. To be a high performer is to go one more step! With every step you give yourself the belief that it is possible; because ultimately, it comes down to your belief system and the execution. 

Key Timestamps

[07:12] – Fulfillment every step of the way;

[16:50] – Landmines, tornados and hurricanes;

[26:50] – What is a high performer;

[41:00] – The ABC method - Action builds confidence;

[46:30] – Making it more than just about you;


Episode Quotes

  • “Don't think that anything comes natural to somebody, because you are putting them on a pedestal and you've just given yourself a very easy excuse of why you will never have it..” - Brett Eaton 
  • “It's not about doing more, it's about doing the right things that matter. - Brett Eaton
  • “It's not about me anymore. It was never about me. It's about that person that needs to hear what I have to say and that makes it more clear in the choices I need to make which gives me more confidence.” - Brett Eaton

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